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  1. RabidRebel

    FarCry 5 Title 6 Update Patch Notes

    They are so far away from a good, workable product right now that any hope of a continued interest in the game is small. I've read the Steam user count is already down to 5000 a night with most playing campaign. That's already abysmal and they aren't even offering a unique game experience like...
  2. RabidRebel

    FarCry 5 Title 6 Update Patch Notes

    All, It looks like FarCry 5 is not headed in the right direction for its ongoing Title updates. Glaring issues remain with the end game content that make continuing to play a challenge. Specifically, the damage model in FarCry Arcade is still busted and now Ubisoft has abandoned map picking...
  3. RabidRebel

    Battlefield V Appears on EA Play 2018 Banner

    I'm waiting to see what you all do. I haven't played BF since 1942.
  4. RabidRebel

    EA is giving up on Swbf2 already

    Good. Every game that fails with this model will help put it in the grave. You also can't take forever to fix a mistake. That should have dropped the crates and rolled out the red carpet to save the player base.
  5. RabidRebel

    Fortnite Getting Bigger

    Oh, I agree. We have some pretty good players in the group, but no one that is at the pro level (that I am aware). I wasn't entirely serious about competing on the e-sports scene. It is just a venue to consider in the context of where players are concentrating and will continue to do so for...
  6. RabidRebel

    Fortnite Getting Bigger

    Caught an article today which stated Epic Games is coughing up $100 million for Fortnite e-sports prizes. This is, as the article stated, bigger than Blizzard's $3.5 million. Even more crazy is the estimate that Epic Games is making $1 million a day on this game. Article link below for...
  7. RabidRebel

    FarCry 5 Title 5 Update Patch Notes

    Not a whole lot of changes here. Mostly bug fixes and cosmetic adds (masks). They also tweaked a few things in PVP but the main issues still remain. WORLD WIDE NOTES Patch 01.05 1. New Addition Added the option to re-do the character creation process from the Avatar Customization menu...
  8. RabidRebel

    Police take down ddos attackers

    Good. This kind of bullshit needs to get more law enforcement attention than parking tickets.
  9. RabidRebel

    Netflix Lost in Space - Great show!

    Ok, I've seen it all now too. Pretty good. I too am hoping they get another season. Should be interesting to see where they go with the storyline. I hope they pick up a few more science advisors too...
  10. RabidRebel

    Far Cry Arcade creates sub forum

    I hope so too. I put some fire and flame on the gameplay and map posts in the Arcade forum. Maybe they will fix it before I'm back.
  11. RabidRebel

    Far Cry Arcade creates sub forum

    It looks like ubisoft is finally opening up about the problems in the game. The following was posted by Ubi-JollyCharly. His post includes a lengthy link to the known bug list. At least there is some movement. Hello all, thanks a lot for all your feedback and suggestions. We might not...
  12. RabidRebel

    Netflix Lost in Space - Great show!

    The actor you're talking about was also in DS9's final season because the director wanted to say he killed Will Robinson...
  13. RabidRebel

    Netflix Lost in Space - Great show!

    I got through the first episode last night (thank god for Netflix in hotels now). It was pretty good. Waiting to see where it goes... and yes, I did see most of the original series. This is definitely taking an interesting twist on the story line.
  14. RabidRebel

    Far Cry Arcade creates sub forum

    Hey all, Ubisoft finally created a sub forum for Far Cry 5. It's not receiving a lot of attention yet, but the bitching has begun. Posts ranging from hacking complaints to horrible mechanics. It also looks like the pvp level reset might be related to going between campaign and arcade (good...
  15. RabidRebel

    Ready Or Not

    I'm hoping this game develops well. The "mil sim" style shooters seem to be catching on lately with PC gamers and I'd like to see an objective-based version like this. Hope this signals a move away from pure run and gun games. I'm loving on the similar mechanics Escape From Tarkov brings, so...
  16. RabidRebel

    New Weekly Challenge - Vector Reward

    So, I earned the Vector. If you're still playing the campaign, this gun is worth it. Fires like a laser and with an extended clip, you can take out an outpost with little reloading.
  17. RabidRebel

    A 20% discount in April for Season 2 DLC

    You can also get a discount with Ubisoft using 100 Uplay credits.
  18. RabidRebel

    New NVG mode limited to Season Pass

    Looks like the new NVG mode may be limited to the season pass right now. UbiKeeba confirmed that the Splinter Cell cosmetics aren't available separate from the Season Pass right now. UbiKeeba also said she's passing on complaints from the community that the pass isn't separate from the...
  19. RabidRebel

    New Weekly Challenge - Vector Reward

    Looks like 40 minutes in the PVP mode will net you a Vector this week on Far Cry 5. I know, painful to be in there, but if you want it, it's live.
  20. RabidRebel

    Special Operations 1 Reveal

    MAJOR CHANGES -Medic will no longer have mines, but will get flash bangs instead. -Mine bug which let medics revive through a mine was fixed ( :( ) -Tech will lose C4 for Proximity Mines (new type of mine that sticks to surfaces, blows up on proximity, and does less damage than a mine) -Echelon...
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