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  1. danbaron

    Warehouse Map Exploit

    THAT IS NOT AN EXPLOIT. It is my favorite spot. It is also opened for both teams right ? Legite built in proper stairways are in place. Not like in the BF games where you could shoot through walls and boxes.....those were exploits. Oh well I hope they dont take it out
  2. danbaron

    Ghost War Avatars

    Awesome job, thank you Gator !!!
  3. danbaron

    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year !!!
  4. danbaron

    Predator can you kill him

    What do you get for killing him?
  5. danbaron

    Far Cry 5 | PGW 2017 Multiplayer Trailer

    I will get it too then !!!
  6. danbaron

    GHOST RECON WILDLANDS: New Mode "Uplink"

    Holly molly, so many things to try out. Sure thing Gator will be happy with the new improved Sentinel interface.....
  7. danbaron

    Title Update 9: Patch Notes

    Title Update 9: Patch Notes Greetings Ghosts, Today we’re going to let you know about another set of fixes and changes to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Wildlands. The update will be available starting November 7 on PC, PlayStation®4, and Xbox One. The patch’s size will vary on different platforms...
  8. danbaron

    Rage quit ? You bet !

    You might be right. But the truth is when you are not in the squad I get more kills. When you come in I have to share them with you, teamwork and all....  :biggrin:
  9. danbaron

    Rage quit ? You bet !

    And yet another fine afternoon.....
  10. danbaron

    Rage quit ? You bet !

    Again and again.....with the right team....always easy
  11. danbaron

    Rage quit ? You bet !

    LOL caught this crew on the Lumber Mill and chased them in their base. Assasin is good on tight maps, FYI. They all left the next game. :biggrin:
  12. danbaron

    Wildlands maintenance time delays

    Here is what happened:
  13. danbaron

    Wildlands patchnotes

    Ande here are the patch notes:
  14. danbaron

    PVP early access video

    Really ? Whilst we are all waiting some get to play it? Painful that is......
  15. danbaron

    PVP delay release

    OMG now is two more days........ IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT GHOST WAR AVAILABILITY UPDATE We will be delaying the release of Title Update 8 on PC to Thursday, October 12th, 11am UTC due to a last minute technical issue. This delay will also impact the release of Ghost War on PC. We are doing...
  16. danbaron

    PVP nice teamwork video

    These guys are almost as good as us (Gator, Sharp, Slow and me), nice teamwork to watch.
  17. danbaron

    PVP Classes
  18. danbaron

    Battlefront 2 Beta out for all today !!!

    Agreed, beta lasted 10 minutes for me. Unistalled it !!!!!!! Sent from my SM-G928G using Tapatalk
  19. danbaron

    Battlefront 2 Beta out for all today !!!

    Anyone up for it? 1. Go to your Origin 2. Free games 3. Demos and betas
  20. danbaron

    CoD WWII Beta Footage.

    But Rogue they changed the game engine. I would still play the game if it felt like COD4. But it doesnt. COD4 was fluid and much slower than what is happening now. Not to say that we had dedicated servers. Oh well they broke it. Sent from my SM-G928G using Tapatalk
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