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  1. Kurinar

    Battlefield V - Trailer and Release Info

    Here is some more information that maybe helps clarify or let you hear some of the bullet points above put into words. They are keeping a lot of details hush right now which as we all know can mean many things. Interview by Jackfrags with Design Director, Dan Berlin over Battlefield V
  2. Kurinar

    Extreme Machine

    The H2R is the racetrack variant of the H2 and is not road legal. That said it is significantly lighter and has more power/torque. The Kawasaki H2 is and unbelievable machine. I believe its still one of the only, if not the only, stock supercharged bikes rated at 200 mph from the factory. Oh...
  3. Kurinar

    1 year in prison for ddos attack

    Good to see action being taken on these attacks. Sad to see it took them 8 years: "...DDoS attacks against World of Warcraft's European servers back in 2010. "
  4. Kurinar

    How To Throw Grenades Tips & Tricks

    Throwing grenades in game has been a topic of discussion lately. How are people throwing them so far, how are they getting them around corners and so forth. There has even been a couple hacking claims made by the lower ranking people coming into the game because they do not understand how the...
  5. Kurinar

    New "Skin" on the Yamaha bass this weekend

    That looks great. Look forward to seeing the finished product.
  6. Kurinar

    Update 4 -- Tomorrow!

    I'm worried about smoke causing lag. We will see how it goes, but if working well it could be a very strong feature and reason to bring the LMG's to limit enemy usage.
  7. Kurinar

    Update 4 -- Tomorrow!

    Interesting...You would think PC would be first due to all the hassle to release to console platforms.
  8. Kurinar

    Update 4 -- Tomorrow!

    Ok so looks like depending on weapons issued the sniper may be getting a bit of a break. Trapper and Stalker have some very good group play improvements for the long range role.
  9. Kurinar

    Anyone see this on Extraction?

    Interesting...I may be tempted to check this spot out again from time to time.
  10. Kurinar

    Ghost War Title 4 Update Delayed

    I like the idea of map vote, but at the end of the day it results in maps being ignored. I do agree with Rebel right now they have a serious issue with the extraction maps. I think in theory the game mode is good but it needs some tweaks. Mines while fun are an issue - pathfinder is the only way...
  11. Kurinar

    Know what a great feeling is?

    Congrats nothing more satisfying then dropping a big monthly bill.
  12. Kurinar

    Today birthdays to Gator....

    happy birthday Gator
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