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  1. NetRngr

    BFV First look by Westie

    Oh and one more thing Support and Medic players will matter because the awesomeness that was Ammo 2.0 has returned in this BF and auto heath and ammo regen is as dead as a frog on the highway during rush hr. I'm tempted to pre order this just to say thanks for removing the magic bullets and...
  2. NetRngr

    BFV First look by Westie

    From what I've seen/heard from various Game Changers is sounds like the combat is going to be more like PUBG instead of say BF4. That would be a pretty nice change IMHO. Also resource scarcity, etc will add a lot of realism to the game.
  3. NetRngr

    BFV First look by Westie

    I gotta say there is a lot of neat stuff being added and sounds like it would be a blast to play as it seems much more realistic. That said Not sure I would foot for it if they dont have some sort of dedicated server support that is worth the charge for it and has the tools needed at launch...
  4. NetRngr

    Battlefield V Release trailer

    Yeah that was kind of underwhelming to say the least. Some neat stuff in there but will need to see more. MIGHT spring for a month of EA Access to check out the beta if they do the same as BF1
  5. NetRngr

    EA is giving up on Swbf2 already

    Should have given up on it after the initial beta phase. They may actually have saved some credibility but you know. Phat Lewts Yo!!
  6. NetRngr

    Battlefield V Appears on EA Play 2018 Banner

    Meh the era/skins dont make a crap for me. They have some glaring issues that were never resolved in BF1 which we can pretty much guarantee will move to BF5 and if they follow suit the ones we got fixed /mitigated in BF1 will show right back up in BF5. That and the attitude they have had on...
  7. NetRngr

    Fortnite Getting Bigger

    Thing is this. The people competing in the esports type events etc are insanely good. Not that they are unbeatable mind you just insanely good. They win most of their matches against normal players and are net positive in wins against the other players on their lvl. The Ninjas, Dakotahz...
  8. NetRngr

    Battlefield V Teaser

    So it's a reskinned BF1. Definitely puts it on the wait and see list. Heck even moves it down a few spots because if that is indeed what it is then its the same old issues in a brand new game.
  9. NetRngr

    Extreme Machine

    Ok F that. can you imagine a horsefly at 400 km/h. It would like being shot with a 45
  10. NetRngr

    Extreme Machine

    How many cups of rice to get to top speed ;)
  11. NetRngr

    Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Reveal Trailer

    Will have to do this at home. Battlenet still has my WoW encryption key associated with it. Hope that thing still works hahaha.
  12. NetRngr

    Battlefield V Reveal on May 23rd 2018

    Notice the conspicuous absence or the name Ali HowSOON ™ in the senior producer slot..
  13. NetRngr

    Here's one you dont ever hear anymore.

    Enjoy Gator.
  14. NetRngr

    Battlefield 2018 latest news

    Ha! Read the comments on these. The hate for EA is real. I get it companies need to make money to survive. Personally I was cool with the premium pass model, but I get why some weren't. The thing they dont seem to get is that the way they are bankrolling EA comes off, and to some extent is...
  15. NetRngr

    Rumor: Battlefield WWII Details Revealed in Massive New Leak

    Rogue, you forgot the ™. SOON™! The one meme on the BF forums I can take credit for lol
  16. NetRngr

    Battlefield 1 monthly updates end June 2018

    But apparently not presets and actual stuff that would make the game worth the time and money spent on it. Lesson learned.
  17. NetRngr

    Rumor: Battlefield WWII Details Revealed in Massive New Leak

    I would say that EA hosted servers would be fine IF and only IF they learn from the previous debacle. Granular control of the game settings within the in game menu. KNOWLEDGEABLE 24/7 support and not some drone who answers a phone during business hrs only. A WORKING server browser. Presets for...
  18. NetRngr

    WTF? The Expanse is gone!

    yeah kinda hacked me off as well. Its astounding that they put all this money into a show and then stick it in a shit time slot.
  19. NetRngr

    Abba in Concert . Wembley 1979

    Jebus were gettin old lol
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