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    Hi and Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Ding! Have a good one! 
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    I Said I'd Do It . . .

    Easy there sensitive Sally. It's all in good fun. Berreta was hootin and hollarin because I was killing him with some questionable kills the other night. Haha.
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    I Said I'd Do It . . .

    I bet beretta is dying to get his hands on my video after the other night! Haha!  :laugh:
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    I went Battlefield 1 Crazy :)

    The correct term is "salty". Haha! JK
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    Arma 3 server ideas?

    One of the mods I would love you play is Zombies and Demons. Nothing beats running around with your friends finding weapons, shooting other players, and having a hoard of zombies chasing you around at the same time! Haha
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    Battlefield Career

    I actually already edited yours and your dads. 
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    Hello to all

    Hey SSpeaks, good to see you!  :smile:
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    Are you buying Battlefield 1?

    As I'm sure most of you have had the opportunity to play Battlefield 1 Beta, I'm curious of everyone's thoughts of the game.My biggest concern before I played it was the game would have the Battlefront run and gun feeling. I'm happy to report Battlefield 1 in my opinion feels like battlefield...
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    Hanging out with a few friends tonight

    What bike do you ride Axle?
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    new minecraft area for teamspeek

    Hey wurz,  Since there is only a couple of you that play minecraft I feel that minecraft could fall under the "other games" channel as a temporary channel. Wolf
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    HDD speeds

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    Pick this up from Amazon.

    3M as just like the sticky backing? I've been looking for one for a while..
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    Young guys vs old farts skirmish?

    I call being on the "Old farts" team. 
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    Battlefield 4 fps drop, stuttering and lag fix

    emachines are real.  :ph34r:
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    TEDx OrangeCoast | The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans

    One of the best TED videos I've ever seen. Really good find! 
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    Direct X error

    Food for thought, have you installed your graphics driver? 
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    Arma 3 Free Weekend & Sale

    Dont do it!! 
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    Profile Pictures

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    Website Header is Temporary

    Oh well I was going to see what I could come up with. 
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    dice la camo run needed

    I already have the skin, but i'm whiling to help out! Pick a time! 
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