‘Westworld’ canceled by HBO after four seasons


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That's kind of weird. The show has won nine Emmys and was nominated for 54 and they decide welp lets just cancel it with no wrap up or anything. Kind of reminds me of The Expanse. That show was at least picked up and was given a somewhat coherent wrap up even if they rushed it and omitted a ton of stuff they still had an ending. I dont get these companies man, you have hugely popular shows that people tune in for and you just decide to shut them down.
Granted, I never really got that into Westworld as i am a huge fan of the movie and it seemed like they took a really cool movie concept and tried to stretch it to its breaking point however, from what I did watch the show had dick all to do with the movie except with its base story so there is that. i would be tempted to watch it except now I know that it just stops with no ending in sight.
I have been enjoying the ending episodes of The Walking Dead but I get the feeling with only a couple of episodes left in the main show that it will leave a lot of stuff unresolved. I guess I can see some things being left open ended with the new spin off shows in the pipeline but I am not sure how those will work out. Even though they contain some of the main characters I dont know how they are planning to carry them into a new storyline. The main show however did give us the best line ever uttered in a show last night but in case there are those who watch but haven't seen it I will refrain from saying it but will say its at the end of this week's episode.
We'll see. Hey there's always Fear the Walking Dead to fall back on and I could certainly see some of the main shows characters possibly showing up in that world / show.
Another show that I have been enjoying and has its season finale next Sunday is AMC's Interview with the Vampire. It's a damned decent show and i am hoping that they dont do with it what they have done with Gangs of London. I loved Gangs of London but in the ever increasing money grab that TV shows have become they are only streaming season two on the AMC+ service. Sad for sure because i have been waiting to see it but you know me I refuse to subscribe to a service to see a show that did well so you decide to put it behind a paywall.
Welp rant over.
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