A message from the Ghost War Lead


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A message from the Ghost War Lead

Message from Mr. Istrate(if you do not have social media)

Hi! I’m Lucian Istrate. AMA (sort of)
u/grasshopprrNov 10, 2017, 4:40 PM

Hello Ghosts,

My name is Lucian Istrate, the game design lead at Ghost War. I and the entire design team have been following the reddit and official forums since the betas. We hear you. We hear your concerns about the game and I understand your frustration that we may not communicate as much as you expect sometimes. I want to shed some light on some issues.

First of all, there one thing that need to be addressed and which in no should excuse the issues that you have encountered with the latest update. We are currently on a very accelerated development schedule that implies working on multiple title updates simultaneously that also needs to take into account submissions and approvals to third parties such as Sony and Microsoft. We are working as fast and as careful as humanly possible but sometimes we screw up. That being said, updates simply cannot come faster than we have already planned. This also means that we have to carefully consider what to fix now and what to leave for later depending on the impact it has in the game.

To address some recurring concerns, in random order:

THE GAME IS DYING Firstly, we decided to be as transparent as possible by displaying the number of players per region while looking for a game. Not many games decide to do this, most recurring to displaying fuzzy indicators of activity or nothing at all. It’s a double edged sword because being accurate can negatively impact the perception of the game if its not up to community expectations.During the betas that number was incorrect and showed higher but was fixed at launch, displaying online players per region and per platform. Secondly, in the life of every live game there are factors which influence its population: other releases, not enough content or simply players finding out that its not their kind of game. Right now the Ghost War’s population is indeed lower than what you’ve seen at launch but stable. There are only a few ways in which we can address that, one of which being more content, which was already announced.

WE ARE KEPT IN THE DARK, DEVS DON’T COMMUNICATE We do actually, but everyone has different expectations of how this has to happen. Keeba and all community managers have been doing a fantastic job but they can get overwhelmed at times. There is also a talented marketing team behind the communication and I hate to spoil their plans even more so now that new updates from them will come very soon. There will be roadmap and clearer communications in the future from them.

THE UPDATES ARE TOO LARGE IN SIZE A game can have code and data changes in the update. Due to our game’s architecture, code changes always involve recompiling the bigfiles. If an update would include only data files (a simple parameter change for example) that would make for a very small file to push. However, our updates so far consisted both code and data, hence the 11 Gb file. It’s a technical limitation we simply cannot circumvent. You should expect updates like this in the future.

NOT ENOUGH WEAPON ACCESSORY CUSTOMISATION Ghost War is a class based shooter and our primary concern was to have the classes as balanced as possible from the start. One of the ways we ensure that is by locking out weapon parts that can make a weapon more powerful than what we originally intended. We are currently making changes to customisations by allowing a limited selection of scopes and other weapon parts to be selected for each weapon in gunsmith. Scopes are due for the next update while the rest may be delayed until ensure that all possible combinations are balanced. On a related note, we are also adding the ability to have up to 3 different class customisations and costumes already available in single player will also be available in Ghost War.

NOT ENOUGH CONTENT More game modes, classes, maps and a ranked mode are already announced and will be coming in the next updates and you already had a glimpse of this content in the released videos. Yes there will be a hostage rescue mode and a class with a crossbow. Ranked play is also planned for later this year. I’m probably not saying anything new here, but I just wanted to reinforce the fact that we are working on new content.

GAME MODES WITH MORE PLAYERS, BATTLE ROYALE During development we tested several modes with more players but it felt that the pacing was not what we expected. More players meant a faster pace and more added confusion. Moreover, it didn't feel distinct enough from what was available on the market. We scrapped those and returned to the the core of the Ghost Recon experience which is the 4 player squad. We decided to keep that feeling of cooperation in a tight knit group. We understand the allure of the Battle Royale game mode and while it may seem like a natural direction for Ghost War, it would involve changes in the game structure and technical challenges that are simply impossible to undertake right now.

MATCHMAKING UNFAIR We didn’t want to take any chances with matchmaking, we wanted it to be fast, so we decided to do without additional filters and conditions such as the player level. We understand that it may be unfair at times. For ranked, the matchmaking will much more strict but at the expense of matchmaking waiting time.

HARDCORE MODE We understand that the hardcore more is appealing for some of the players and we want to make it happen. We will introduce additional settings in the custom game lobby that will allow you to play in a more realistic setting. However, the hardcore mode also will come with some caveats, because removing marking information for example renders some of the classes that rely on this completely useless (the Tank is one such example). Because of these issues, hardcore mode will not be introduced in either Quickplay or Ranked in the future and will only be restricted to Custom Lobbies.

CLASSES UNBALANCED, PERKS UNDER OR OVERPOWERED We test the **** out of the game, with dedicated balancing teams, in play tests and among us in the office every day and we initially balanced the the classes, perks and bonuses based on that. But nothing beats tracking data from a live game. This data helps us either confirm our initial tuning or prove that we got it all wrong such as was the case with the Thermal vision perk. Things will improve in the future updates as you play.

We are only 1 month away since launch, the game is still very young and has a lot o room to grow but that can only through your continued support. I can assure you that our team is very committed to give you the best possible experience we can deliver.

I thank you for your support and feedback (be it good or bad). I will try to answer all the questions you may have in this thread but I will try to be as active as possible on reddit. You can also follow me on twitter @grasshopprr where I usually post #GhostWar news you already know :p


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