Battlefield V Alpha testing feedback


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Alexander "Soon" Hassoon gave us some feedback on the recent Alpha testing. Here is what he had to say...

"Thanks to everyone that took part in the Battlefield™ V Closed Alpha! Not only was the Closed Alpha a chance for select players to go hands-on with an early version of the multiplayer map Arctic Fjord – it generated a lot of valuable data and feedback on how the game plays, performs, and looks.

Our server capacity and the total number of players needed to successfully complete our tests were limited – and so was the number of players in the Closed Alpha. We sent out a limited number of invites to Battlefield™ 4 or Battlefield™ 1 veterans that had opted in to receive marketing material from EA, and we handed out Alpha keys through social media to invite players that showed strong interest in joining. "

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Credit: Electronic Arts


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Ali "Coming Soon" Hasson posting BS again. He was in charge of SWBF2 and they still have troubles with that game. If there is a way for him to screw things up, he will find it!


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Well Hassoon ran BF1 into the ground and then did it with SWBF2. I do not hold anything he does with high hopes.
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