Cheat in the Wildlands


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Nov 16, 2017
Last night, Chromey and I ran into someone running a "hack" that Axlerod and I discovered back in October/November while looking through Ghost Wars videos on Youtube. Originally, the culprits were on console, but it now appears to have shown up on the PC side. This is not good news given the patch just rolled out. Luckily, Chromey was recording, so that player probably won't have an account much longer.

The Cheat (to look out for)

When loading into a match, occasionally one player will take forever to load in. Usually this is a benign connection issue, but from the previously viewed Youtube videos and actual game play last night, that player may be exploiting the game and is actually moving in game while the rest of the players are loading in. This allows them to basically "load in" at/near the spawn on the opponents. Chromey and I experienced this when one of our teammates loaded in 200+ meters ahead of us in a bush on Farm Town (basically in the other team's spawn). When confronted about the load in location, the player blamed it on an Ubisoft glitch. Unfortunately for him, I was drone piloting with thermals and could clearly tell where he loaded in, and he was moving and fighting normally (e.g., no weird HUD issues or the like). His position also didn't comply with the known glitch of basically spawning right on top of your opponents (usually invisible).

I just wanted everyone to know that we have a verified sighting of this exploit on PC. Again, not everyone taking forever to load in is doing this, but it is something to keep an eye out for.
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