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Jan 31, 2015
Apparently EA is seeing DLC sales numbers, and end users plummet since the 3 rd month of BF1 launch. Preorders for their new star wars game is down 60% on pc.. Someone at disney told EA they would be losing the star wars i.p for good if sales of the new battle front 2 game were worse than the first game.

EA has been shitting their pants for the last 9 months because they never planned on dealing with pc public hacks beyond what FF was already doing.. The source inside EA claims 5 ex hackers were employed for the last 9 months to rectify the problem, since sales have slumped so badly on dlc's. 

This came from an unknown source DICE employee

My advice to you guys, is not to piss around with public hacks at all, and if you don't know how to get around a rootkit client side scanner beyond November 17 2017 (SWBF2 Release), don't run any hacks at all unless you want an instant ban. EA focus groups found that perma banned players would 90% of the time re-buy the game and play it legit.. With only 10% not re-buying their product. IT might be put in to other EA games sometime later this month as a trial run..

This is good news for us. That was from the well to do hack group. EA is getting real worried.
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