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Just a few tips I picked up recently that maybe you didn't know about the game.

1. You can choose between single fire, burst fire, and full auto on most of your guns via the weapon selection menu (Q). Press the right mouse button when highlighting a weapon to change the setting. A small icon will denote which mode the gun is in near the center of the menu (one bullet, 3 bullets, 3 bullets with a line through it).

2. You can craft consumables via the ALT key in game. The speed and damage reduction ones are really nice for getting out of sticky situations.

3. You can melee people by dropping down on them Assassin's Creed style. Just leap off any object hire than your opponent and you'll bash their face in with your melee weapon.

4. You can chain and pistol melee once you've unlocked the appropriate perk. The game doesn't give instructions on how to do this, but if you start a melee in a group of people, you'll be given options (once the melee animation has started) to wither press W to chain attack another victim or hold the right mouse button to bust out your pistol and headshot another victim. It doesn't always come up, but if you can get the technique down, you'll be able to melee a group of enemies and earn those perk points for both types of melee attack.

5. (Probably already known) The take down melee option reigns supreme for taking out those nasty heavy units (flamethrower guys too!). You can hit these guys all day with a shovel, but if you get the take down option to pull up, it's a one hit kill. Saves you a lot of time trying to shoot the helmet off those LMG guys...

Feel free to add-on any not-so-obvious things you've learned about the game!
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