Far Cry Arcade creates sub forum


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Hey all,

Ubisoft finally created a sub forum for Far Cry 5. It's not receiving a lot of attention yet, but the bitching has begun. Posts ranging from hacking complaints to horrible mechanics. It also looks like the pvp level reset might be related to going between campaign and arcade (good news is you get to keep the repeat rewards). I'll keep checking this new space to see if the arcade will get fixed. For now, our opinions of the mode seem to be shared...

Far Cry 5 Arcade forum link...


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I dig the fact that they have assets available from other Ubi games as well, from what I've read, to use in the arcade levels.


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It looks like ubisoft is finally opening up about the problems in the game. The following was posted by Ubi-JollyCharly. His post includes a lengthy link to the known bug list. At least there is some movement.

Hello all,

thanks a lot for all your feedback and suggestions.
We might not always have the time to answer everything, but rest assured that we are reading carefully what you share about your Arcade experience.

there are a couple of pionts I would like to address.

first, we know that Arcade is not perfect, that thre are things to improve. It might look like a long time for you guys, but we are only 3 weeks after launch, and the first things the production works on after launch, is fixing the game breaking bugs. Ipmprovements come after, which I think we can all agree is quite logical.

Second, we are as enthusiastic as you about making Arcade an amazing experience, and we are working since day 1 on bug fixes for Arcade (you can see on the known issues listthat we do fix issues on Arcade), and more improvements are coming with the next title update, including some improvements for the Private Lobbies that I am sure our Map Builders will be very happy about.
And we are not planning on stopping here, we have more to come, but making improvements is a long process.
More details to come very soon!

and for those of you that watched Forge Labs video, I would like to clarify one point he's making:
From day 1, the community complained that they were playing too many bad quality maps. We heard you. so with TU4, instead of having "all maps" displayed first in the PVP lobby to pick, we changed it to "featured maps". This way, it ensures that the first maps you see suggested are not half-done-green-grid maps.
but you can always use the filters to select other maps, you don't have to play featured maps


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I hope so too. I put some fire and flame on the gameplay and map posts in the Arcade forum. Maybe they will fix it before I'm back.
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