Hostage Extraction (Time Trick)


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TAC Member
Nov 16, 2017
AngryOIFVeteran and I were running hostage rescue last night on the attacking side with a team that was leery about actually extracting the hostage. Not a big deal, but we didn't have the hostage in hand with 30 seconds remaining. I ran into the building with AngryOIFVeteran tying up their forces, busted the lock, and grabbed the hostage with 1 second remaining on the clock. You'd have thought we would lose, but as some have stated in the forums, you cannot lose an extraction match due to time IF you have the hostage in your possession when the time runs out. The timer will still say 0:00, but the Round indicator will simply turn to the word "Contested" in red text. I was able to actually get the hostage out and win the match for the attackers with no time remaining (and for a solid 15 seconds after time ran out too). In other words, don't give up on the attacking side with only a few seconds remaining. Just get that hostage in your hands to buy your team a few more moments of hope.
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