Predictions on Ghost Wars December Patch


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It looks like Ubisoft Forum moderators are letting slip a few tidbits about the next patch. Here are a few things gleaned from the forums recently. No date has been posted for the December update.

-UbiInsulin posted the following "We can confirm more classes and ranked mode, but stay tuned for more details.
-Another moderator posted that mines will be returning to snipers in the next patch.

There's also strong sentiment floating around the Ubisoft forums regarding the following items. It's likely some (or all) will see some re-balancing at the next patch.
-C4 (heavy complaints about it being used as an offensive weapon in face-to-face combat)
-Sniper (multiple complaints that the sniper "nerf" has made it a worthless class compared to Sentinel)
-Support (dislike of disadvantage caused by the assault classes getting an HP boost last patch)
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