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Here it is! The initial announcement of new goodness coming. It looks like we will now have daily challenges in Ghost War along with a prestige credit store. Also, Snow Map! We are also getting a new challenge mode in PvE to take things to the limits. One gun. Permadeath. Realistic reloads.

Release Date July 24.
EDIT: Confirmed crossover with Rainbow Six Siege as the theme.
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I was just reading an article about it.

Ghost Mode
  • Permadeath: If players are not revived when down, their game is over and progression is reset.
  • New Loadout: Players will only be able to use one main weapon and one handgun.
  • Real Reloading: When players reload with a partially full clip, remaining bullets will be lost.
  • Friendly Fire: Players' shots and actions can cause damage to teammates.
  • Gear Management: Players can only switch weapons at ammo boxes or by looting enemies.
  • Teammate Removal: For a true solo experience, players can now choose to play without AI teammates (also available in the main campaign of the game).
Ghost War
  • New PvP Classes and Maps: Two new PvP classes and two PvP maps will be introduced, including a highly requested snow-terrain map.
  • Observer Mode: A new spectate feature that can be used to watch and showcase custom PvP matches through specific tools and a free-roam camera.
  • New Ranked Features: Introduction of a new Progression Bar that tracks Ranked progress, showing players their position in the current league.
  • Post-Match Celebration Screen: A new post-match screen where the winning team is showcased.
  • Social Items: A new feature consisting of emotes, voice lines andvictory poses to further personalize players’ experiences (also available in the main campaign of the game).


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I feel like they went all in on the PvP experience with adding some of the features in this update, but I'm waiting to see the patch notes and play the result. Little miffed they are hiding the PvE portion for pass holders for a week. Still won't get me to buy one.


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Yes I really like what they are doing!

Ghost Mode: Ghost mode is designed for the best of the best Ghosts out there. In this mode, you’ll be able to create a new character in order to take down the Santa Blanca under the most thrilling conditions.

- With only one primary weapon by your side, you’ll need to choose carefully. You will only be able to change your loadout at either an ammo box, or by looting fallen enemies.
- You will also need to plan out your reloads, as any remaining ammo in your magazine will be lost.
- Be extremely careful with your shots, Ghosts, or you could bring down your co-op team with friendly fire.
- And most importantly, with Ghost Mode, death is permanent. So stay frosty.

Ghost Mode will be available for all difficulty settings, including Tier 1 Mode. And of course this challenge doesn’t come without rewards: more to come on that in our patchnotes. So put your skills to the test and reap the benefits that will come with success!

This free mode will be available for all players, with a week-early access for Year 2 Pass holders starting on July 24th, 2018.

True Solo: Those who are truly looking for a lone wolf experience can now toggle off their AI teammates in both our Campaign and Ghost Mode. Up for the challenge?

New PVP Maps: We have two new maps coming to Ghost War, including a highly community- requested snow map.

Victory Screen: The taste of victory will be made even sweeter with the return of the Victory Screen at the end of Ghost War matches. The winning team will now get to show off their customization and victory poses after a well-earned win.

Observer Mode: Take your Ghost War experience to the next level with our brand new Observer Mode. Simply go into Custom Matches to both watch and showcase your Ghost War games. Game on!

Ghost War Challenges: New daily challenges will now be available in Ghost War, rewarding players with Prestige credits for their extra hard work.

Prestige Economy: You shared your feedback, and we heard you! Special Operation 2 will bring an overhaul of our Prestige economy. You will now be able to earn Prestige Credits not only in Ghost War, but also in the Campaign too (including Ghost Mode). A new tab in the Store will be added to allow you to spend your Prestige Credits not only on Ghost War Classes, but on Prestige Packs too, which include customization items.

Year 2 Pass Updates: Not only do Year 2 Pass owners gain week-early access to all Ghost War Classes, they will now also enjoy a week-early access to Ghost Mode, starting on July 24th. The Year 2 Pass also includes the Splinter Cell Gear Pack and 8 Battle Crates. You can purchase a Year 2 Pass here.

New Customization Items: More than 100 new exclusive items have been added to our Battle Crates, including new Emotes, Voice Lines, customizable weapons, vehicles, and more!

This is all the intel we have to share on Special Operation 2 for now. But more to come on our new theme, PVE missions, and two new PVP Classes.


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This image showed up on the forums. Looks like a new medic class and some sort o biohazard class too. The scuttlebutt on the Ubisoft forums is that the icon for the new medic is the same as Doc on R6Siege. This could indicate an in-combat heal ability rather than drone res. The biohazard is unknown as of yet, but speculations are around toxic gas grenades or some sort of toxic effect. Some drew thoughts about lesion mines from R6Siege.



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It's official, the next patch will be a crossover with Rainbow 6 Seige. Details on the video below. Full details set to release on July 23. Looks like Doc will be coming in to Recon as predicted based on



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Confirmed new details. Two new operators will be Surgeon and Toxic. They are inspired by Smoke and Doc from Siege. Surgeon will have a stim pistol to revive at mid range. He's also an assault class (!!!). Toxic can deploy toxic gas clouds from a drone to create areas of denial and trap enemies.

PVE will involve a mission with twitch and valkyrie to find caveira. Should be interesting.

More details below. Still looking for the patch notes.
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OK so now we can have 2 players doing revives or have a back player freed up to go up front where he is more useful. I like that.
A second drone shooting toxic gas on scrapyard will be nice too! Mine the doors to give them a nice house warming exit.
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I was thinking toxic gas the building and have you mortar the exit door. If they live through that, they might deserve to win. RIP building camping.

Also, if they give "Doc" the MP5 or P90 like in Siege, I have a new main. Someone has to steal your kills and revive you on the front line. Hell, Smoke is a favorite too in Siege.


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Doc is shown in the video using the P90, and the toxin guy is shown using the SMG that the diversion kit has. Both solid gun choices.
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