Starting Today: Ghost Recon Network Challenges (PVP and PVE)


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Hey all,

Caught this on the Ubisoft launcher today. It was an article posted that they are running PVP and PVE challenges this week. The Top 10 players for each platform (separately for PC, PS4, XBOX) will get major rewards. The current challenges are running from March 2 to March 8. You have to be a Ghost Recon Network member (the webpage) to participate. Below are the parameters for each challenge. Good luck to Sharps65, COVAH, and the rest of you on the PVP one! I know I don't have a prayer at Top 10 KDR.

Of course, you must follow several rules to respect the spirit of the game:

    • You have to be a Ghost Recon Network member.
    • You must respect the specific rules and the other players (we’ll be watching you).
    • You can’t win more than two challenges in a row.
    • You have to be a part of the Top 10.
    • PvP Challenge: you must not leave the match if you want your score to be valid (otherwise, you play for nothing).
  • PvP Challenge: only for Quick Play and Ranked matches.
    If you respect these rules, you’ll get some exciting rewards, so seize the day! Every member of the Ghost Recon Network can join the challenges. To begin, here are two challenges that will last one week:
  • PvE: From Monday, March 2 to Thursday, March 8, you must kill the Predator as many times as you can. You have one week to be the one who killed the Predator the most often. The 10 best Ghosts win the Predator Pack or its value in credit.
  • Ghost War: From Monday, March 2 to Thursday, March 8, our teams will tally your kill/death ratio and the 10 best players win the Ghost War Crate Pack
    PVP Challenge: each platform has its own competition: that means there will be a Top 10 for PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system players, a Top 10 for Xbox One players, and a Top 10 for PC players. We’ll announce the results on the Ghost Recon Network and contact the winners to give them their rewards three days later. Now, prepare your game and be the best Ghost of the Network!
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