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The Ubisoft forums have been rife with complaints about the OP nature of the Predator class over the last few weeks. Along with that has come mention of a new squad meta that has been showing up in the last few weeks that surrounds the Predator. You've probably all seen it, but not recognized it. The gist of it is having your squad run the following class set up and rushing hardcore at your opponents: Pointman, Predator, Scout, and a 4th class of the squad's choosing. There are some slight variations on this setup which I'll mention below, but after running this setup with some of the Armory folks, it just plain works. We're winning more matches than not and even against squads that gave us trouble in the past (excluding the folks who are likely using paid talent). Those of us running it are still testing it out and probing for weaknesses, but I wanted to open the discussion because we're quite frankly seeing this meta run against us on the regular. If you're getting rush killed, check the classes, it's probably this set up or something similar.

Why It Works

1. The Pointman and Predator cannot be suppressed in a firefight (Predator only during Battle Rage) and bring an insane amount of fire power with their guns that they can tag team. You also can't flash bang the Pointman and the Predator can heal up during the fire fight with his Battle Rage. If these two are together, a team is going to struggle finding a way to slow down their death march aside from running the same classes against them.
2. Both the Predator and Pointman are good at both close to medium range with their guns, making it hard for opponents to rely on the safety of range against this rushing duo. Snipers have a fair shot at both of them, but we've taken traditional sniper maps with this setup and destroyed opponents using that style of play.
3. The Scout has a thermal vision drone that is faster in both speed and regeneration time than any other support class. The current Tech jammer cannot keep pace with the Scout drone, often only being able to take out 1 out of 2-3 drones, depending on pacing. With frequent and rapid marks, most teams are torn apart by the rushing Pointman and Predator faster than they can figure out what is going on. It creates an environment where they cannot hide, and it only gets worse if your team wipes a few of the other team's members early.
4. The 4th class provides versatility to the setup that help open up opportunities for the two-man rush crew based on the map in question. We've had success using the Sentinel, Ranger (better at keeping pace with the rush), Disruptor, Tank, Assassin and occasionally the Medic.


1. The Predator is key to this setup given the incredible fire power and healing abilities it has. It doesn't have a known substitute as of yet.
2. The Pointman can be subbed out for another assault class capable of keeping pace. The Tank and Disruptor are good options if you can't wrangle the ACR or AK-12. Just be sure to pick an Assault class that has the 30% health bonus.
3. The Scout has an easy substitution with the Diversionist due to it's longer drone up time and faster regen time on the ability. The Diversionist also brings a lot more fire power and the "secret drone" helps evade attempts at using a Tech. We took down a team on Farm Town using it and they even had a Tech (never used the ability because they didn't know the drone was even up). The Medic and/or Artillery classes can be used, but the painfully slow drone regen times don't seem to work well in this slot except on faster paced maps (Jungle Base) where mines are more helpful or you don't anticipate needing the drone much for spotting (Scrap Yard). The Scout should be entirely subbed out on Jungle Base and Urban Incursion.

Keys to Success

1. Keep Moving. This set up is made to roll the other team as quickly as possible by putting as much pressure on them as possible before they can get entrenched. Get into a close range position before their sniper has a chance to pin you in (Ruins anyone? -- Yes, this meta works on Ruins without a Sniper).
2. Stay Together. You don't need to be hip to hip with the strategy due to the range of the guns on the classes you're using, but close enough to work angles to punish anyone going after another team mate.
3. Shoot them on every good mark or bush ping. Leave them no time to hide.
4. Avoid rushing buildings. Many groups are still running classes utilizing a bag of mines. Unless you're running Safety First, the rest of your team probably won't be able to get you up. Save building root canals for the end.

We're still exploring this set up and all of this might go out the window with the next update. With the next update possibly being 10 or so days away, I just wanted to report back what we are seeing and see what you all think. Have you found a good, reliable defense against facing this set up? Did I miss something in my assessment of this new meta? Are you experiencing success while using it?
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