Threats from another Team


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TAC Member
Hey all,

Just giving you a heads up that we ran into some folks from c44 who seemed rather unhappy with COVAH, Silvaticus and me. The circumstances involve COVAH destroying them on Deforestation (12 kills) followed by another devastating round on Cartel Depot where he aced the team. One of our random players dropped during this round and it led to some "interesting" statements coming out of c44. They insisted COVAH was just bush camping (he wasn't) and that somehow that wasn't legal. They kept stating that they were recording the match and they couldn't believe we [the TAC team] would do something like that. Also, they made threats about calling in the Chinese to go after our entire team. I'm not sure if they meant any of what they said, but they were fairly insistent and went on for quite awhile, especially after COVAH got disconnected while we were waiting for another player.

Don't worry, Silvaticus and I torched them even without COVAH on the next round and got them to rage quit.

This is just a warning that there may be some bad blood out there between some bitter c44 players. I don't think they are actually going to do anything to us. Keep a look out if you see them.

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