To boldly pull the biggest dick move in the universe


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Ok so from the title I'm sure you can tell I'm less than pleased with the new Star Trek.

Well let me say what I saw of it was ok but it was quite possibly the biggest dick move in the history of TV.

First the show was an hour long. well the episode was about 20-25 min long the rest of the time was an endless stream of commercials. The episode itself was basically an extended trailer. We saw most of it in the released trailer that was posted here. Now for the huge dick move. If you want to see any more of it you have to sub to CBS all access. There are Two options 5.99 /mo with commercials ( yes they want you to PAY to watch commercials the companies have already paid for) and 10.99 /mo for commercial free. 

Sad to say I will not be watching what promises to be a decent Trek series and will probably kill the series right out of the shoot. I mean my Amazon Prime is 14 bucks a month and these asses want 10.99 a month for commercial free access. Yeah not happening.

Anywho got that outta my system. I'll just watch pirate streams of it cause you know there are gonna be those and if not I'll just pass on the ultimate money grab. 
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