Update 3: Extended Ops - Patch Tomorrow


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TAC Member
Apr 1, 2005
The third update for ghost war is coming tomorrow the 25th, 8GB on steam and 14GB on uplay. Full patch notes here:


Some highlights:

- Predator: We have removed the Predator's Assault-specific HP bonus and reduced the HP gain when activating Adrenaline Rush. The Predator will now be more vulnerable, while still remaining extremely lethal and versatile.

- Medic: The Medic's drone will now be marked for the enemy 1 second after being launched, instead of the 6 seconds that the other drones get. This will give enemy teams more time to react to a Medic's revive attempt and try to counter it.

- Warehouse: We fixed an exploit which allowed players to rush to the top of the building and gain an unfair advantage on the enemy team.

- Jungle base: We blocked off the upper area of the main building to avoid camping and negative gameplay experiences.
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