Weapons Buying 101


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Hey all,

This isn't super obvious in the game, so I thought I'd share some spoiler-free tips on buying weapons and their attachments. Any weapon/vehicle in the game that you purchase in this game is a one-time ordeal. At any shop, you can summon any vehicle or equip any gun that has a yellow check mark on it's name. You should have a few right off the bat if you bought more than the standard edition. Moreover, you can also add permanent attachments to your favorite guns by buying those as well. I didn't notice this right off the bat, but if you right click on a purchase gun, it'll change the screen to let you select and buy attachments. Nice way to get yourself a silenced, scoped, pistol early on. Again, the attachments are permanent whenever you equip that gun from the shops. Just wanted to let you know there is a small bright side to those ridiculous prices on weapons/attachments in that they are a one-time fee!

Look forward to continuing my flamethrower rampage with you all later!

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