YouTuber who accurately leaked Battlefield 1 details posts info on the new BF


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******WARNING!!! : To be taken with a grain of salt. *********
Ok so this guy correctly predicted most of the details including the name and internal working names for maps etc for BF1 making most people pretty sure he has a reliable inside source.

"In March, 2016, he made a video that managed to get almost every single detail correctly. The game title being Battlefield 1, WW1 era, weaponry, and even development names for some of the maps, which line up with what these maps are called to this day in the game directory."

He has posted details /"predictions" on the new Battlefield title, ........ Wait For IT.......

Battlefield: Bad Company 3
Some details:
Campaign with missions
Timeline: Vietnam thru the Cold War eras
Smaller maps
Emphasis on squad play
Game Modes: CQ, Rush,Ops,TDM, and Dom.
Classes: Assault, Engineer, Support, and Recon are back baby
Battlepacks supposedly make a return.

Hopefully this all pans out and they actually send the server hosting back to the third party guys and publish an API. One can only hope they learned that they are NOT server hosts and should not try to be. We will see. Anywho link to the article and the YT Video below. Thoughts?


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