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Personnals of steam team...


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Sorry, my english is not my first language but 4th...


Since 08-03-2009, all my games under steam do not start anymore after "prepare to launch..."


I had an account here in steam in english and never had problems with help and solve any "glitchies" of steam...


When I see there is a french support of steam, I registered with another account name in this one for more easy which french is my second language in belgium.


When I submited my first problem under steam with this "prepare to launch" and no one of all the games do not want to start after this panel, the french team tell me to send the original cd keys, my accounts names and some other stuffs that I understand nothing !

Since 10 years ago I had hl1 cd and buyed a "Silver Pack" under steam seller, the french team blocked my steam/hl account since 2 days and I can not start the steam beam again for to play also at hl2 game from my silver pack ???


It is very strange that a support team ask my cd keys before to help me and blocking my steam account ???

It's insane !


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Sounds like you got scammed. There is a support team for:


Deutsch Espa?ol


Fran?ais Italiano


Nederlands Polski


Portugu?s Русский


Suomeksi Svenska


Български Magyar


Did you make sure the support site you went to was the proper steam site? Alot of scammers will make their sites have a similar name and almost identical look to it to fool people into doing this. What was the email they had you send the information too? Steam will NEVER ask you for your personal information (account name/number/cd keys).

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