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We need talent for FA 2!


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Hey guys! So we really need some talent to come help out with FA 2! Below are the following types of artists that if we had on our team, would be extremely helpful to the development of our project.


1. Animators - We could use at least one more good animator, one who can especially create and read qc syntax files for models in source. We're just waiting on someone who can do our qc files for our player models, and then we can get them in!


2. Modelers - We could use 1 or 2 more good modelers who could help out finishing our weapons and any future modeling work we have.


3. Coders - Mazor is our only solid coder right now who's programming the game for us. He's ****ing amazing, but could use a little help and another brain to work with on the project.


We're also in the process of exploring some new talent that are helping out with development:


1. Vreaker aka Jay is helping us as a texture artist! He's currently working on the textures for our new player models.


2. Big Bill we just talked to last night about providing us with a very large variety of realistic weapon sounds. He has access to many different kinds of weapons, most of which we have in our current game.


3. Deathfang is a new 3D modeler, who is a bit rough around the edges, but overall has some great potential. I'm going to pair him with Flakk and see what work he can help get done.


4. Slade is a great sound engineer and is going to be helping out with some realistic ambient sounds, as well as other sounds for our game.


So far for our current FA 2 Development team, I've been in reliABLE touch with:










If you could please pm me with any info on talent you may know of, or anyone who would want to help out with the development of the game, PLEASE contact me!


STEAM: nod25@hotmail.com


Email: nod25@hotmail.com


MSN: nod25@hotmail.com


AIM: crazy wallace


yahoo: psycho9_9_9@yahoo.com


or pm me here on the forums

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