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Battlefield 1943 Pushed to 2010

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Why am i not surprised i figured something was up. So what are we supposed to do now? BF2 is dying and CoD 6 MW2 isn't here until Nov. This was supposed to be the game that gets us all back together. Thanks alot DICE and EA bunch of retards. All of a sudden they care about how the PC game is. Just release it and patch it every 5 seconds like you did with BF2 and 2142. Wow i was really waiting for this game but now i have to wait longer. They give you the same reason "We want it to be bug free". Thats what they said about all of the other games they've done and look at the patches they have now.


That's it screw PC. PS3 is now $299 and they have MAG coming out. I think i'll just get a PS3 and play that until November. The PC market is going down hill fast and the gaming companies are doing nothing to support PC that much anymore. BF1943 is such a big hit on the consoles they are going the to do everything possible to keep them happy even if it means putting pc on hold. So if 1943 is on hold and it was supposed to come out in sept. What about BF BC2 which was supposed to come out Q1 2010 did it get pushed back as well?

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Ive been a bit slow on the game upkeep was waiting for 1943 as well in the mean time I picked up world at war for 25 bucks on a steam special. Been pretty fun so far...single player was short but multiplayer is not bad especially nailing guys with the thompson sub. Everyone wants to snipe and in doing so has tunnel vision. Great place for Frog to get to knifing heheh
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