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Does anybody know where I can find a clan tag?


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I seem to have misplaced it about a year and a half ago and would like to have it back. It looks sort of like an 'A' with some equal signs around it.


I sort of started focusing on college and getting my degree and now that I'm about to graduate I can't wait to dive back into gaming with some old friends. Old in terms of the Internet I guess.


But I'd let all my software and stuff lapse so you have no idea the stuff I had to update today. EA Download, pbsetup, nvidia drivers, mic settings, not to mention downloading that behemoth 5.4 gb BC2 file, yikes! Only thing missing there is a brand new computer like the first time around.


Anyway, I hope to become active again after being gone for so long. I miss the community here and the late night good fun we used to have. But I just know you guys (and gals--sorry Wolfey) are still a welcoming bunch, so I'm not too apprehensive about nobody remembering me.


It's good to be back.

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