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C-D Bug is Back!


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Well, I noticed the problem yesturday 2000h (pacific time Canda) just after getting the HL Update and there was somethig in the readme of a "security" bug fix or something like that if I remember correctly, so I guess CD is tripping on that, poor thing. And as TA ist the only server the [DIAL] clan plays on these days (for the last year, actually), guess we'll just have to wait till a solution is found... again... :? Have a good one!
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TA is pretty much the only server I play on, because of Cheating-Death. I can't believe the amounts of cheating going on these days. I remember back in Quake 1 with the Pak2 cheat. Not much of a cheat but really, if you can tell who's where without looking first shame on you! About SnOwCrAsH, ummmm.... what was going on with him anyway? I heard he was kicked out of DoL.
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