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BC2 UK Forum: New Battlefield 3 fixes, Go Back to Karkand in Dec, chat with Peter Moore, and more!

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We hope that all of you are enjoying Battlefield 3! We believe it's the best Battlefield game to date and we're continuing to improve the online experience every day with the support of our DICE Operations team. We'd like to tell you more about the exciting future of Battlefield 3.




First off, here are the latest improvements we are rolling out to Battlefield 3 as we write this.


Squad Functionality: Improved!


Today, we rolled out a number of fixes that will improve squad functionality. Specifically these fixes will improve squad stability and lessen the risk of your squad getting split up when joining a game. Keep gaming, and keep sending us your feedback so we can hunt down any outstanding squad issues.


Default Server Region Setting: Improved!


In the manual server browser on Xbox 360, there was an issue where US players would sometimes be defaulted to European servers. We rolled out a fix for this today. You can still set your preferred region(s) in the server browser, and it's a great tool to find your favorite servers, game modes, and gamer friends. Check out this handy guide for everything you can do with the console server browser, and let us know what you think!


Game Stability: Improved!


Today, we rolled out fixes for several game crash issues. Let us know if this fixes any issues you have had.


Go Back to Karkand in December!




Our dedicated Back to Karkand team continues to make awesome progress on this expansion pack, which will be available in December at no extra charge to everyone who pre-ordered Battlefield 3. If you didnÂ’t pre-order, youÂ’ll be able to purchase it for $14.99, 1200 Microsoft Points, or the equivalent in your local currency, at the same date. Don't forget, PlayStation 3 fans - you'll get exclusive early access brought to you by Sony.


It contains four of the most loved Battlefield 2 maps boldly re-imagined in Frostbite 2: Gulf of Oman, Sharqi Peninsula, Strike at Karkand, and Wake Island. You'll also get to patrol the battlefield with your favorite Battlefield 2 vehicles and weapons, and the expansion pack also features the return of the exciting variation on Conquest called Conquest Assault (more on that later). And for those of you who love your persistence, you'll get new "Assignments" to complete for unlocks (we'll talk more about Assignments soon)!


Congratulations to Battlefield fan Simon W for naming and claiming our new control point!




We asked and you delivered! We asked our creative community to name one of the redesigned control points on the upcoming Back to Karkand map Gulf of Oman. We had over 18,000 submissions and tons of fantastic suggestions. However, there can only be one winner and that winner is Simon W. His control point name suggestion was Veteran's Retreat, which will be featured in the Gulf of Oman map in the Back to Karkand expansion pack in December. Back to Karkand Lead Designer Niklas Fegraeus calls it "a great suggestion that gives our veteran Battlefield fans a well-deserved nod while fitting perfectly with the map theme." Congratulations, Simon, and thanks for helping us out with the name!


Physical Warfare Pack for all




All of our players will be happy to know that Physical Warfare Pack will be available to everyone in the future! The Physical Warfare Pack contains the Type 88 LMG, DAO-12 Shotgun, SKS Sniper Rifle flash suppressor, and flechette ammunition for the DAO-12 Shotgun. Stay tuned to the Battlefield Blog for more information on exact timing for this.


Your chance to chat with EA's Peter Moore


Here's your chance to talk Battlefield 3 with EA COO Peter Moore. Our live-stream event with Peter is this coming Saturday, November 5th from 19:00 - 20:00 GMT. We'll be talking all-things Battlefield and taking your questions. Head on over to this Battlelog thread to submit your question and, if you're lucky, we'll ask your question live!


We hope you enjoy all we have in store for our Battlefield fans. Thanks to all of you for supporting us and we'll see you on the Battlefield! For any feedback or contact needs, see below:


You want to leave feedback about your game experience? Head to the Battlelog forums.


You need help with Battlefield 3? Head to the EA Help Center where we will take care of you.


Need help with Origin? Head to the Origin Help Center where you can get in touch with our experts at Origin.


Want to learn how to use the server browser on console? Check out this handy tutorial we made.


You want to squad up with your buddies? Here's a step-by-step guide that explains all.


For more information on Battlefield 3, visit the Official Site.


For the latest news on everything Battlefield, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.




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