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I could not be more excited, proud and honored to announce this week’s partner - famed weapons designer, legendary pistolsmith, expert combat firearms instructor, and former Tier 1 Operator, Larry Vickers and the company bearing his name, Vickers Tactical. Okay, we’ve started out strong but we’re just barely scratching the surface of our more than two dozen product Partners for Medal of Honor Warfighter. We’ve received great feedback so far on the companies that have joined the Medal of Honor family, but this week, we’re turning it up a notch! I could not be more excited, proud and honored to announce this week’s partner - famed weapons designer, legendary pistolsmith, expert combat firearms instructor, and former Tier 1 Operator, Larry Vickers and the company bearing his name, Vickers Tactical. Larry Vickers is a retired career Special Operations Operator with over 20 years of service with some of the most elite military units to ever exist. A longtime 1st SFOD-D operational member, Larry was one of 23 Operators from The Unit who rescued Kurt Muse from the Carcel Modelo, a notorious prison in Panama City, on December 20th, 1989. Code named “Acid Gambitâ€, the operation was the very first successful hostage rescue mission in modern U.S. military history. I am proud to be onboard the Medal of Honor Warfighter development team - after getting some time to hang out with the crew I can tell you first hand they are not only committed to giving users a dynamite game but also to representing the Special Operations Warfighter in a positive way and giving back to the SOF community in the best way possible; supporting the families of the fallen. My hats off to the Danger Close team - keep the faith brothers! - Larry Vickers Our partnership has resulted in some exciting things. First up, we were able to convince Larry to come out of pistolsmithing retirement and build us a very special .45 caliber 1911. We’re talking about a one of a kind, hand fitted, custom built handgun, especially for Medal of Honor Warfighter.As many of your know, Larry was a part of the product design group responsible for the HK416 carbine, the HK417 battle rifle, the HK45 service pistol and the HK45 compact - all of which are currently deployed with Tier 1 Units around the world. Larry has also consulted on countless other tactical product innovations including the Daniel Defense M4 carbine, various weapon lights, lasers and optics also in service with our Warfighters. But we wanted an “old school†combat handgun from an “old school†Tier 1 Operator for a very specific character in Warfighter. And knowing that Larry has probably put more .45 ACP down range through the barrel of a 1911 than any other Operator walking the face of the earth, we requested a custom built Vickers Tactical 1911. And what we received absolutely blew us away.




The Vickers 1911 began life as a parts set from Wilson Combat, and in fact, they were instrumental in helping me get the gun built in a very short time frame. I essentially set the pistol up to what I felt a state of the art, serious use 1911 should be in the hands of a seasoned operator - a guy like me, who cut his teeth on the 1911, and wants a combat handgun with the latest improvements such as an integral light rail, night sights, and bulletproof components. I put some Vickers Tactical logos on it to help set it apart, including one on the custom VZ grips. With a durable matte black finish, the pistol turned out great! - Larry Vickers Our partnership does not end there. We are also honored and excited to join Larry on his television show TAC-TV in an episode dedicated to the weapons of Medal of Honor Warfighter. The episode airs on the Sportsman Channel on Monday, May 14th with an extended online episode available at TAC-TV.com. We’ll be talking a lot more about TAC-TV in the future. But one of the absolute coolest and most unexpected things to come out of the partnership with Larry is the Medal of Honor 400+ HP 2012 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor! /sites/default/files/images/tactvtruck-560.jpg


Larry has been and continues to be an invaluable resource to everyone here at Danger Close. He has spent time in the studio working alongside the weapons designers, modelers, animators and other developers making sure everything is up to his standards - which is no small task. We could not be more excited and honored to officially welcome Larry Vickers to the Medal of Honor family. His contributions to our Nation are immeasurable not only through his own selfless actions and military service but with his continued advances in the design and development of small arms, tactical equipment, combat training and charitable causes directed back towards the brotherhood of warriors within the U.S. Special Operations Community. So head over to the Vickers Tactical website and get yourself squared away! Check back next week for the reveal of our next Partner. Greg GoodrichExecutive ProducerMedal of Honor http://cdn.medalofhonor.com/sites/default/files/fb-thumb.jpeg?1336163358

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