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Hello Again (FA Old Schoolers)


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Hey there <TAC> or [TA]- old schoolers


I found an old hard drive in a box, bought an external enclosure for it, and had a look. Found a lot of trash, but I found an old frag video I made from FireArms 2.7 (atleast 8 years now). Figured I'd say hi and see who was still around.


Not much computer gaming on my end these days (not much gaming all around unfortunately - been extremely busy).


Link to video for the hell of it:



Pretty sure we beat PoP that day - good match on what is ps_marie? Hopefully my memory hasn't gone, heh.


I hope everyone is in good health and enjoying BF3, I hear good things about it.



(Couldn't remember my password and my email is long gone with what I originally registered with, so new forum membership here too)

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I merged your old account with the new one. You can also remove the asterisk if you like. A few of the old timers are still around, but business as usual around here. I enjoyed watching the movie you made ...very nice. Brings back old memories. :D
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I remember this map...I used to love nightvision and the Ak with the bayo....stabbing in the dark or sneaking up behind godcow or G and stabbing them....nice vid....good memories...too bad we can never go back to that time of gaming purity.


This is funny too...I remember the controversy.

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