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Ask a Tier 1 Answered Part 2

Armory Staff

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Last week, we presented a second opportunity to ask your questions to one of the former Tier 1 Operators working on Medal of Honor Warfighter. The response was HUGE. The Tier 1 Operator has chosen 6 random questions to answer. Take a look!




Last week, we presented a second opportunity to ask your questions to one of the former Tier 1 Operators working on Medal of Honor Warfighter. The response was HUGE. The Tier 1 Operator has chosen 6 random questions to answer. Take a look!


Question 1


What is your favourite war movie and scene from it?


Tier 1 Operator


This one is a tough one as there are some really good war movies out there so it is really tough to choose a favourite and even harder to choose just one scene in particular. But I’m going with: Full Metal Jacket. A classic among classics that movie changed my youth and blew my mind when it came out. The scene that is my favorite is the end scene with the Sniper. That whole sequence is amazing and the way it ends SPOILER ALERT with the journalist shooting her after never wanting to kill anyone is about the best single scene describing war I have ever seen. Honorable mentions are: Band of Brothers (a Series and not a movie but it is so great) and Red Dawn; not really a war movie per se, but my favourite movie of all time. If you have not seen it, go watch it immediately. You will not be disappointed. Wolverines!!


Question 2


I know there is no easy way, but is there a way to help family cope with you being gone so long?


Tier 1 Operator


Honestly I was one of the very rare ones that didn’t have a family as I wasn’t married and had no kids so I never really had to deal with that. Guys are deployed in excess of 300 days are year and it is VERY tough on families. Honestly I don’t really know how to help a family cope as I am not the best person to answer that question but I can say that all the guys I know dealt with it by spending quality time with their families when they were home and then by emailing/calling/writing letters/skyping constantly when they were gone. There definitely is no easy way that I know of, it takes a lot of effort on both ends to make a relationship work when you live this kind of work.


Question 3


What’s the deployment schedule of a tier 1 operative? Is it a set period of time or are you guys called up whenever your needed for an important mission??


Tier 1 Operator


I cannot go into this in detail but in general there is no defined schedule and it is very hectic as you can be called up at any time. Also as I mentioned above guys are gone usually around 300+ days a year so it is a very difficult fast pace schedule with no set rules and no ability to plan personal time.


Question 4


If you are out of ammo, would you pick up an enemy weapon?


Tier 1 Operator


If I ran out of ammo I would first go to our resupply bag that we carry on most missions. If that was out, I would ask a buddy for ammo (like in the game) if they were low (which they would be if I am out) then I would pick up an enemy’s weapon as a last resort. We do a lot of foreign weapons training and so therefore are very proficient with AK’s, PKM’s, etc., but there is nothing like the familiarity of your own weapon.


Question 5


What do you put in a "go-bag"?


Tier 1 Operator


This is a very common question and therefore I am going to do a full post on this later breaking down my Go Bag in detail with pictures.


Question 6


If you had to choose only one rifle to fit all the assignments in one mission (CQB, Long rage shooting, both air, land and sea), what would it be and what (attachments) would you put on it?


Tier 1 Operator


This is also a very difficult question as weapons are specific tools for specific jobs so it is very hard to pick one gun for many differently roles. If I had to pick one for and it needed to be able to go from CQB to Long range to shooting off of a Helo to moving in the mountains and so on I would have to go with a AR in .308 like the LaRue Tactical 14.5 inch PredatOBR 7.62mm. I have shot the OBR and they are SUPER accurate and with a 14.5 barrel that is short enough to allow me to maneuver it easily in CQB while still having a semi auto with 20rd magazines for multiple engagements. The 7.62mm or .308 cartridge is a beast of a round and it can reach out and tough someone. I have personally shot a 7.62 OBR out to a 1000 yards which is more than enough range for 99.9% of long range shots. The OBR is also very durable and not too heavy at 8.2lbs which means I won’t get too tired carrying it through a mountainous environment or through the desert. Lastly the OBR has a full top rail and for end rail that allows me to be able to put all kinds of awesomeness attachments on it. My standard attachment load out would be as follows: US Optics 1-8 scope with a Trijicon RMR mounted on top for quick close range engagements. A Surefire X400 light/laser combo mounted up front for white light capability and a military IR laser over the barrel for night engagements and IR illumination. I would also have a collapsible bipod in my kit but I would take that on and off depending on when I needed it.


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