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Gaming News: No BS Podcast #231: AMD and Origin PC Settle Past Dispute on the Show

Armory Staff

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Plus: AMD's commitment to high-end CPUs, DDR4, 5-way GPU support, 20nm GPUs, and more!

In a bit of a surprise to us, AMD and Origin PC wanted to come into the podcast room together for episode 231 of the No BS Podcast. As you may recall, this pairing is kind of surprising considering that last October, Origin PC’s co-founder and CEO Kevin Wasielewski announced that the company would be dropping AMD graphics cards from its systems, stating, “This decision was based on a combination of many factors including customer experiences, GPU performance/drivers/stability, and requests from our support staff.†He then later added, “Based on our 15+ years of experience building and selling award winning high-performance PCs, we strongly feel the best PC gaming experience is on Nvidia GPUs.â€


Well, not only did we get Wasielewski in the room, but we also got AMD’s VP of Global Channel Sales Roy Taylor and AMD’s Director of Public Relations Chris Hook to come on. In the show, the two parties settle their past dispute with Taylor suggesting that AMD is now committed to giving hardware partners like Origin PC more support and communication. In the podcast, he outlines some of the strategies to do so. Wasielewski also confirmed that you can now get AMD video cards in Origin PCs again and shot down any rumors that Nvidia was compensating Origin PC to slander AMD late last year when the announcement came about.


Taylor also asserts that AMD’s graphics drivers have gotten a lot better over the past year, but admits this wasn’t always the case and that the company is still getting burned by that bad reputation. 


While Gordon was away on vacation, he did submit several questions for the rest of the crew to ask on the air, and in the show we cover a ton of ground from topics that range from:


  • The possibility of 5-way GPU support
  • AMD’s renewed commitment to battling Intel at the high-end CPU market
  • AMD’s plans to start using DDR4
  • Origin PC and AMD’s thoughts on Valve’s upcoming Steam Machine initiative
  • AMD’s take on the Oculus Rift/VR
  • Freesync monitor availability
  • Why AMD is getting into the SSD market
  • AMD’s presence (or lack thereof) in the laptop/gaming notebook segment
  • 20nm GPUs
  • And then we of course top it off with your fan questions! 



The old format isn’t going away, and Gordon’s rants will return, but in the meantime, give this episode a listen, and let us know what you think!


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