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MaximumPC: Microsoft Exec: Windows 9 to be Free for Windows 8 Users

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http://www.maximumpc.com/files/windows_9_1_1.jpg ‘Threshold’ will be officially unveiled on September 30, 2014


Microsoft has scheduled a special invite-only event for Tuesday, September 30, 2014, where it is widely expected to introduce the next version of its popular desktop operating system (codenamed “Threshold†but popularly referred to as Windows 9). As is usually the case, the event’s imminence hasn’t resulted in a moratorium on Windows 9 rumors and speculation, but instead caused the tech rumor mill to kick into high gear, with the latest juicy Windows 9-related tidbit coming to us all the way from Indonesia — and apparently straight from the horse’s mouth.


According to Indonesian news portal Detik, existing Windows 8 users will be able to upgrade to Microsoft’s next operating system absolutely free of cost. And how exactly do they know this, you ask? Well, Microsoft Indonesia president Andreas Diantoro said so in Jakarta Thursday. Actually, rumors to this effect have been doing the rounds for sometime now but this is the first time that someone from Microsoft — someone as powerful as Diantoro at that —  has commented on the subject, let alone outright confirmed the rumor.


Although this particular report is silent on the upcoming operating system’s likely cost for those who don’t own a Windows 8 copy, Russian Microsoft leaker WZOR last month claimed that Microsoft was readying an “awesome’ upgrade offer for Windows XP users.


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