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Your top three video games ever


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It's interesting to hear what people choose as their top three games of all time.


1) Star Wars Galaxies. I just loved this game and had many memorable moments with it. It was a sandbox mmo. I hate to think what would happen if they released a star wars galaxies 2. I would play it all day and night and become an unshaven, un-showered stinky hairy zombie and it might just ruin me forever.


2) Battlefield. It's hard to say an exact version, because I like this current game a lot, it's just about perfect and wish they'd fix more bugs.


3) Counter Strike. Had lots of fun times with that game. I can't really say which version was best because it was all pretty much the same.

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1. Battlefield from 1942 to present, all out war on the land, sea, and in the air. I was playing MOHAA heavily when I saw an ad for 1942. I remember thinking before I saw that ad "how cool would if they had infantry, tanks, ships, and airplanes all in the same game". I played the demo in August of 2002. I fell in love and have been a loyal soldier ever since.


2. Medal of Honor Allied Assault. This game will always hold a special place in my heart. I will never look at the events of D-Day the same again because of the perspective that this game showed me. It was also the release of Saving Private Ryan nearly 4 years earlier that really put a very serious edge on this game.


3. Allied General by SSI, is a turn based strategy game. Even though there is another game that I like better that should go in this slot, I would be doing a great disservice to not include the game that got me on my way to serious gaming and my love of all things WWII. I played this game at school with the head shrinker that over saw the program I was in.

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I don't know if any game compares to how Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) played. It was just a different type of game because of how the world was. I had my own home on Tatooine in a rebel city. We built large military bases that were under constant threat from nearby imperial cities. During the beginning of the game, there were very few Jedi, and becoming one was like winning the lottery. If you died as a Jedi, that's it, your character was done. Once, a rebel Padawan Jedi was tricked by another rebel city who was paid off by a rich imperial merchant to kill the Padawan and caused a heated war that lasted for months spreading through all the planets and causing real hatred between people. I remember it being very difficult traveling to several planets like Lok with only one starport. I was held there several times waiting for a rescue attempt and sometimes that could take hours. You couldn't just leave. Traveling through space wasn't any easier. Space was vast and if you didn't manage to acquire a fast or stealthy ship, you could be attacked by the imperial pilots who somehow always managed to find you and make life just a little more difficult.
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