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BF4 Server Under New Management


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Yesterday, and after numerous discussions involving recent complaints and issues concerning the management of the BF4 server, it was decided that IKII would leave our group and continue running his BF4 server in a fashion he saw fit.   We wish IKII, and all his followers’ the greatest success with their “custom” mini-map Hardcore server.  IKII was planning on implementing this feature anyway, so it works out well for him to have his own gig.  If you like playing “Hardcore” with the mini-map feature enabled, we recommend you stop by IKII’s server and give um some business.


Unfortunately, this left us with a big void here at the Armory, because we no longer have a BF4 server to play on.  After recommendations from some key Armory members, it was decided to rent another BF4 server to replace the server lost by IKII’s departure.  IKII was also controlling the Teamspeak server, so I immediately activated our old 20-user Armory Teamspeak server to replace it.  With the anticipated user increase for the new Hardline servers, I worked a $21 deal to increase the Teamspeak user size to 50-users until the current contract ends in July. 


Most importantly, and because the server is new, we must get it known to the outside world.  We must do this by making every effort to populate the server every day over the next few weeks.  Unlike the CMW, rTr, Banzor servers, which I refer to as the “Walmart” of Battlefield servers, we offer a more intimate approach to gaming, where everyone knows each other, and players aren't just a  number.  


We also offer a “Rules Free” server where players don’t have to worry about being kicked for some stupid rule, or told which weapon they can or cannot use.  We also provide a friendly environment where players “want” to come back, because they thoroughly enjoyed the teamwork and camaraderie they experienced at The Armory.   We only remove players for obvious reasons such as racial slurs/speech, or disruptive game play. 


Lastly, we will run our servers as a democracy, and any member can put up a vote at any time to decide which direction we should move in, or how the server should be run.  This is called “Participative Management,” and we encourage everyone to use it.


That's all for now


Larry (Gator)

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Custom mini map thing seems unnecessary but hardly a breaking point. Is that somehow more fun? 

No, but it will cause your server to become listed in Battlelog as a "Custom" server.  This greatly reduces the player base, because players typically search for "Hardcore" servers, and not  for "Custom" servers.   :ph34r:   

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