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Mouse issues


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I could not find the issue with my mouse as well. BTW the issue is the mouse becomes non-responsive whilst gaming. My mouse was top of the line gigabyte aivia wireless at 6500dpi. Done a lot of research but to no avail. So i gave it as a gift to a friend of mine and i bought myself a strix claw mouse at 5000dpi that works like a charm. I also promissed myself that i will not buy gigabyte products ever again. Their service lack everything.
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Thank you Patches but there is no need for upgrade , my G500 (profile updated ;) )still kicking.Just some bugs..


Daniel, you waste it!!!A working mouse cannot stop working without a reason,the guys from Logitech got no fault.I am still a big fan of Logitech(except headphones) and I think that they are producing the greatest mouses ever,my opinion!I did encounter some issue as yours and I remeber that you should edit the registry(they are changed by Kaspersky), anyway is gone...


Just fixed my issue after few more ours...PitBull Terrier style :ph34r: .The answer is https://www.malwarebytes.org/ , try to run it...you will be surprised.

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Notice that if I have the camera unplugged, will get less crashes.


Anyway I saw a video saying and explaining that is actually a wire issue.As well is teaching you how to open the mouse and fix the cable...I'll give it a try tomorrow

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