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Website Upgrade Postponed


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I was left with no choice, and had to set the site back to the old forum system.  I was lucky in that I found an old backup from last year that had all the old files.  whew!


Anyway, they have major issues with their software at this time, so I will wait until they get their shit together and release a product that works,  I have been doing the website stuff for more than 13 years, and this one busted my butt, and I lost about 50 hours of my life dealing with this shit.  When they have a steady release, I will try to upgrade then.  This time I will fully test the release on a test site prior to launching.


Sorry for all the downtime, but this was out of my control.

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At the group I am associated with  we had the same IP Board webdesign site and found the software wnating , The owner of the site switched to Xenforo, but lost all the data from the previous site. Could not transfer properly. Obviously those software modules are tempermental. The amount of work is huge, and time consuming . Kudos to you for your patience and efforts./
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