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As of today, we have had 5,376 players on our server. Out of those players, we have had 19 players banned. 13 of those were hackers. That is 0.2% of the players on our server were cheaters. That is not even 1%.


The problem is when most of you think that someone is using a tool to gain advantage in the game they really aren't. It is the game not the player. It is the latency that is off with each and everyone of our connections to the game server. Not the ping but what the server sees. You may see that you shot the guy first and the other player sees he shot you first but the server itself has the final say so. The game tries to balance this out with the "netcode". Also the current game is set at 30 FPS despite how many frames you video card allows. So those guys shooting you from around the corners is because most of the time they didn't. In time terms, it may take anywhere from 100 to 200 milliseconds to get a response from you. Same amount of time back. It is just the set up of the game and you.


The new spring patch fixes most of this in the game. Also they are working on increasing the actually server FPS. Testing is very positive with 60hz and 120hz. It smoothes out the game even more and gives a player a less lag feel.


If you feel someone is cheating, use these websites to verify your suspensions first. The let one of the admins know once you have proof that you have caught a cheater. The admin will then verify your claims and the cheater will be banned from our server. NOT UNTIL THEN! Making hackusations just gives off a negative vibe to our server. Making false claims just takes away from the admins gaming time. You are the one with the hackusation, stop your game and research it or just not say anything. If you are to lazy to look them up, then why should an admin.


Below are some great sights to verify claims of someone cheating. Remember, without proof, you are just making hackusations. That means they are a better player then you and you suck and need to get game. So please, stop embarrassing yourself and get some proof before you make hackusations.


Thank You.







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Click on those links and look at them. Usually when someone is using bots, their starts week be unusually high with the wrap pins they use and their accuracy is off the charts. These sites also color coordinate to help. They also give how much above average they are. You can then compare them with the other sights and check pbscreens to verify everything. It takes time and practice but that's part of being an admin. It is also part of reporting a player who you think is cheating.


In the last 3 months , 250 pc players have been banned globally. Hackusations is more rampant then hackers. So check your hackuracy first before you make accusations. If your wrong you only make yourself like a nub.


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