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Myths about cheaters


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i found this article and found it to be a good read. Everyday someone in our server will make a hackusation. I hope this might help some of us.


There is a concerted effort by cheaters and by trolls paid by the multi-million-dollar cheat companies to spread propaganda and misinformation on these forums. I've put together some of the more common myths about cheating in BF4 you see here, together with the facts.


MYTH: I'm a Colonel 100 with premium, why would I cheat?


FACT: The amount of money and time you spend on the game have nothing to do with whether you've cheated.


MYTH: I'm not banned by Punkbuster/Fairfight/BF4DB, so I can't be cheating.


FACT: Punkbuster kicks a caught player for a predetermined interval. Unless the server is streaming to at least one of ACI, GGC, or PBBans, maybe not even the server owners themselves will know the player cheated. But if you appear on those lists, unless the ban is reversed, you did cheat. Punkbuster will only issue global bans after prolonged and repeated cheating occurs from the same account. And some software has never been caught by PB. Fairfight triggers when a player breaks certain impossible parameters. It does not ban all players who are cheating. BF4DB catches many players who haven't been caught by PB or Fairfight, but it doesn't catch all of them either.


MYTH: My stats suck, so I can't be cheating. FACT: Over half of all caught cheaters have worse than average stats. It's often the weakest players, or players with bad PCs or internet, who resort to cheats. Only about 10-20% of cheaters are "raging," that is, people in the game or looking at their stats would have a very good chance of picking them out as cheaters.


MYTH: Okay then, stats are useless at catching cheaters.


FACT: Wrong again. Some stats are incredibly useful at finding aimbot, multihack, damage mod, and even sometimes wallhack users. The two problems are:


(1) you'll miss most cheaters from stats alone, as explained in the last point;


(2) at a certain point you get into a grey area where someone could be either good, or cheating. Stats will also place some glitchers and statpadders in the same group as cheat users, but this shouldn't concern us since glitching and statpadding are also both against the Rules of Conduct.


MYTH: All right, stats are useful after all. Speaking of which, this guy had a high KDR in this round, so he must be cheating.


FACT: KDR is rarely a good indicator of cheating. It's possible to get a high KDR by exclusively using certain vehicles/gadgets, by playing the same map most of the time and figuring out some advantage, by playing against masochistic noobs on stacked servers, by being very careful (though this leads to a lower score per minute and usually lower win percentage), or by being revived all the time. That being said, you don't typically see many legitimate players with career KDRs much over 3.5 - 4. But it is possible.


MYTH: I have a YouTube channel, so I can't be cheating.


FACT: Cheats don't all have loud blinking signs on the screen saying "THIS IS A CHEAT!" In fact, lots of cheats are advertised on YouTube, and you can clearly see on many of them there's nothing on the screen to prove they're cheating. In fact, player behaviour in some of the YouTube videos posted here and intended to clear players of cheating only make those players more suspicious.


MYTH: Then cameras are useless, so how can you use them as proof?


FACT: They're not useless. If you have suspicious stats and can show with two cams (one on the screen and one on the KB+M), live, that you can boot up your computer, start Origin, play BF, and replicate your scores/performance, a competent admin will take this as proof you're not cheating. Not many players with those stats are capable of this, but a few are. This is why a few players are protected on Metabans, because they're actually that good. Again, players that good are not nearly as common as cheaters, though, so it makes sense on a server level first to ban then allow appeals.


MYTH: I don't really want to go to all that trouble. But look at my system specs, I have a top rig. Doesn't that prove I'm not cheating?


FACT: This shouldn't even need explaining. Why would anyone believe your stated specs if you're a cheater? Even if you're telling the truth, how is cheating with a top of the line rig better than cheating with a cheap Dell?


MYTH: Someone else copied my account name, and now I was banned because he had the same name.


FACT: Bans are applied not to account names but to a 32-digit hex Punkbuster user ID code.There are many times more of these than there have been people to live on Earth, ever. Obviously with so many potential codes, these are not as easy as names to copy. The ID is generated based on your account the first time you use it, and should someone else use the same account name, they will still get a different ID number. IPs are usually recorded at the same time.


MYTH: Speaking of IPs...IP addresses are useless in catching cheaters because of dynamic IPs.


FACT: Some ISPs do not use dynamic addresses, others do. Even for the ones that do, if you have access to the IP history you can see what players used this address when. Many cheaters have been caught on their third, fourth, fifth, etc., account this way. Not everyone linked to a cheater's IP address is cheating, but many are.


MYTH: Okay, okay, so you can use stats, PB, or IP evidence to catch cheats sometimes. That's it, right?


FACT: There may be other ways, if server admins are creative enough. But the less cheaters know about these, the better. --- tl:dr version Most cheaters aren't obvious, some are never caught, and the ones that are caught are cheaters, so of course they try to lie and squirm their way out of it, because cheaters cheat.

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My eyes hurt after that one lol.  Cheaters will always cheat and this is their goal to get everyone to start cheating because you won't be able to tell a cheater apart from a regular player anymore.  This is the problem with FPS now and one of the reasons why I don't play hardcore like I used to.  No cheater is going to blatantly cheat where it will be easy to find so we speculate and issue unwarranted bans.  It's easy to get around GUID and IP addresses with key generators and other easy to find tools on the internet.  It's easy to find a tool that will scan the memory addresses and allow you to edit them to have what you want.  


The cheating will never stop and the detection methods at this point in time are a waste of system resources because they don't work.  The only way to really prevent it is set up a system like MMOs have where all and I mean all of your character information is saved on a server.  Problem is the bandwidth required to do that with an FPS is obscene.  But Ding you just said MMOs are already doing it.  While this is true MMOs use a cache method where it sits in the main server memory before it is committed to disk on the server.  During that idle time between caches the information you can edit it but in theory you would be hacking the main server and that is much harder than trying to hack an .exe memory addresses.


So you want to fix hacking in FPS in theory you can do it a few ways actually:


  • Require the client to have a piece of hardware not software installed on the line to scan the outgoing information to the server.  This hardware will be required to play the game and if you hack in any way it bans your MAC address.  That's right MAC address not that easy to modify IP address.  All NICs have a MAC address granted there is a way around it and that would be to buy a new NIC and you could try to change the MAC address.  Hardware banning I think it is called but is not perfected.
  • Second method is get lots of money and setup FPS like an MMO problem is you would have to cache constantly ie Tick rate as we have heard before.

All these methods suggested there are ways around it but it gets much harder and would alleviate the frequency of hackers if you make them pay out the ass for it.  Cheaters are out there to make money by advertising their hacks its a multi-million dollar business and is only going to continue to grow.  This is also why games like BF are no longer modifiable to make mods because it made it easier to hack the game.

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Nice post Axle.


It seems the facts confirmed my suspicions. It is very hard to catch cheaters AND prove it.


One interesting thing mentioned was if someone is suspected of cheating then ban them and go through the 2 camera method of proof. If we do implement this, I would like to nominate the first candidate to try and prove they are innocent - Bu11boy! :biggrin:

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Nice post Axle.


It seems the facts confirmed my suspicions. It is very hard to catch cheaters AND prove it.


One interesting thing mentioned was if someone is suspected of cheating then ban them and go through the 2 camera method of proof. If we do implement this, I would like to nominate the first candidate to try and prove they are innocent - Bu11boy! :biggrin:


No T___T

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