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Sales Stats for Battlefield


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Analyst: next Battlefield game will beat the next Call of Duty game


Game industry analyst believes that Battlefield 5 has a chance to be the best selling FPS in 2016.


Game industry analyst Michael Pacther made a bold prediction on his new show PachterFactor. Pachter predicts that the next Battlefield game in 2016, Battlefield 5, will beat the next Call of Duty game, which ever one it is.


So far we know little about both games. EA has said that they will launch the next Battlefield game in 2016 and that it will be “military-based”, meaning it won’t be something like Hardline.


Activision has yet to announced anything about Call of Duty in 2016. They launched Black Ops 3 last month, which could mean that the next game will bear the Modern Warfare title.


“If ever there was a year where somebody could knock Call of Duty off the top, it’s this coming year” said Pachter, adding “I encourage EA to take advantage of the opportunity with Battlefield 5, if only DICE can get multiplayer right.”


He takes a swing at DICE, because Battlefield 4’s multiplayer was quite awful back when it launched, especially on the PC, where the game would crash constantly.


EA and Activision have been in a competition on the FPS front for several years now, and each year EA chipped away at Call of Duty’s sales. We’ll have to wait and see what both companies have in store for us in 2016.


You can watch Pachter’s prediction in the video below (towards the end, at the 21:30 mark).






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