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So tired of Origin...


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I've never really been one to talk negatively about origin or EA, its worked fine with me with no problems. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. I went to go pay some bills tonight, and my card kept declining. I checked my online statement and found Origin charged my VISA for $120.28. Never again will I buy a game online in the origin store....  :crap-hitting-the-fan:
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I had a similar thing happen to me about 12 months ago. I used to play Planetside 2 a lot, subscribed for a few months then stopped. I still played but just for free. Well it turned out I stopped but someone else carried on with their SoE game pass. It's a relatively small amount so it took a little while for me to notice it on the statements. Fortunately, the banks fraud department investigated and I got the money back, new card, and no further issues.


It's so frustrating when you find out but it's also very difficult to find the source of the information leak. I'm not sure if you know for sure it was Origin where your details were HACKARY'd from but I know the banks fraud department couldn't, or wouldn't tell me for my situation.


Either way, I hope you get it all sorted out soon and get a shiny new HACKARY free card.

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That's why I pay for a monitoring system, which alerts me anytime someone screws with my credit or bank accounts.  It does work.   :klinked:


What Gator says, y'all make sure you are well set up. EA did the same thing to me, but then they are always charging you for a game not when you buy it if it is not released yet but few days before release. I just had 80 bucks taken but i am well set up and i got an SMS from the bank and also a notification email from EA that they have billed me.  

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