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SSD Cleaning


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So I'm due for an OS reinstall, I usually overwrite it but last time I had an issue with some of the hard drive space not freeing up and loosing 15G to ghost information, I couldn't use the space and I couldn't see what files were there, I used all kinds of software and google searches to fix it but in the end the only thing that fixed it was Windows 10!!!! It freed the space for a while then I lost it again I'm pretty sure it was part of the old copy of Windows.


Anyway I started looking for ways to wipe my SSD and remembered Axle saying Gator helped him wipe his not to long ago. I have found info on Secure Erase and Parted Magic but was wondering what you guys use. Remember the easier the better and the cheaper the better although I'm not opposed to paying for software if it's useful..


Thanks Dave

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