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SITREP #00142


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FROM: High Command


TO: Arma 3 Users


INFO: RC Official Servers, Top 10 Eden Editor, Report In! Project







We've been getting a lot of good feedback and issue reports from the Eden Update (1.56) Release Candidate[forums.bistudio.com] branch. A number of fixes were deployed and some are close to being committed. This week we'll continue testing and you can still help out. There are a number of official servers[arma3.com] online that run the build. Find them by going to the new Launcher Server Browser and filtering for official servers. You can also favorite them for quick access later. These servers may be offline for updates occasionally, but we'll try to keep them up to provide a place to play-test. Thankfully, there are also a number of unofficial servers being hosted by community admins and mod(e) teams. Did you also know that you can use our Game Updater[community.bistudio.com] tool to install multiple branches at the same time? Keep your reports to Feedback Tracker[feedback.arma3.com] coming. We're as excited as you to get the update to everyone's PC once it feels solid!



Full SITREP[dev.arma3.com]View the full article

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