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Additions/scripts added to Enemy Assault v2.9


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Below are some of the alterations we have made to the original map we absolutely love. We have decided to document these so that if/when we start creating our own missions, we can add some/all of these features and have a quick reference for doing so.


Fast Rope for helicopters. Do a combat drop from your chopper without the chopper having to land.




Mag repack. Change your clips before they are empty and all you are left with is 7 clips with about 9 rounds in each? You can now repack them to full.




Advanced Towing. Vehicle stuck? Want to form a convoy and save fuel? Attach your tow ropes!




Advanced Sling Loading. Want to air lift a tank in to your AO?




Player Markers. Using your BLUFOR tracker, see where friendlies are on the map and lets you know which player is which dot. Also tells you which soldiers are in which vehicles (if any).


No link for this, however, details for adding it to your mission will follow. If you need information before this is updated, contact me.


Want to change in game view distances, in game, on the fly?




As always, if you need any assistance with getting these running in your mission, just ask and I will do my best to help.


This page will be updated as and when we use, or find any more useful scripts. Feel free to add to this but please note, all the above can be added in script form so as not to make the server, a modded server.

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