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The-Armory.net 64-Player Server will be down for the night


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Hey everyone,


I checked my email today at about 11:30 AM, and read en email from our server provider i3D.net, which stated:




Hi Harold,


We found out that the server on which your gameserver is hosted on, is pretty crowded at the moment.


I have a shiny, empty server for you available. How about a move to there?


Best regards,



Contact: Telephone & Ticket at i3D.net

Helpdesk open Mon - Fri 08:00 - 24:00

Helpdesk open Sat - Sun 10:00 - 18:00






That's when I called them and said, yes, but it was late in the Netherlands, and they were about to close.  He said he would try to get if moved today, or early tomorrow morning.  Well, they didn't get it moved, ad it still has very lag, so I shut it down for the night


I would recommend everyone to play on the EBDA 32-player Mixed mode server for the night until we get the server moved tomorrow.


Larry Kemp (Gatornade)

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Thx buddy.


is it possible to give procon access of EBDA server to more ppl that there are ?


we were playing last night, was really fun the mixed mode, RK was managing the map but he left and we were stuck with squad obliteration. So more guy having access would be great.


or at least find a way to have a different mode and map on each cycle.

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