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Welcome back soldier! The website is under construction so please excuse the mess while we put things in order. Battlefield 2042 is set to launch on 15 October 2021 for Early launch Pre-orders...

PC Gaming Hardware Sales May Be Poised to Explode


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A new report predicts the industry is on the cusp of a tremendous upgrade cycle as stymied gamers finally buy into hardware that's been priced out of reach for nearly a year.


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I know they are talking about gaming specific hardware and not Chromebooks but I can tell ya we are buying and selling a crap ton of both.

I recently went back to work with a buddy of mine who provides our school districts with Chromebooks for the kids as well as school furniture and does a lot of the technology related stuff for the school districts here and we are about as busy as we can get. We just got in the first quarter of the Chromebooks we ordered for the year and that was 2500 units. We also do the E-Sports teams builds and the Digital Audio Workstations , why I was brought back on, and honestly with them going to year round schools this year Im wondering how were gonna get all of it done.
On the plus side though my phone doesn't ring at night or on the weekends any more.  

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God made bass players so that guitar players could have heros too.
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