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Welcome back soldier! The website is under construction so please excuse the mess while we put things in order. Battlefield 2042 is set to launch on 15 October 2021 for Early launch Pre-orders...

Sales chart of Battlefield games


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Some interesting figures of the Battlefield franchise over the years since Battlefield 1942.



Battlefield is a first-person shooter by EA. Over 9 million users playing the Beta in September before the release. On the release date of Battlefield 3 in the USA, EA announced that pre-orders nearly hit 3 million which makes it the biggest launch in the history of EA. 5 Over 5 million copies of the game were sold in the first week which makes it "the...


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While that's pretty eye opening that BF1 was the biggest seller, which IMHO was the weakest BF ever, what I would say is more relevant would be the numbers that are currently still playing. I'm going to go out on a limb here, not really, and say BF3/4 have the honors of the highest retention out of all of them. EA/DICE pretty much shot themselves in the foot when they did away with the old private servers and moved to hosting them and not giving players the features that they wanted. When they did, they did it in a haphazard way that didn't do what users needed or they took so long to implement them that the people wanting them had moved on. 
The medals/assignments mess in BF1/V is a good example. In BF4 you just naturally acquired the medals and achievements through normal gameplay, in the latter it forced you to focus on specific acts that hampered game play and team play. I'm hoping the new game goes back to the old way of gaining these ribbons/achievements that promoted teamwork and gameplay.
Their implementation of HC mode is a prime example. How hard would it have been to log in to a private server, look at all the settings, and then duplicate them in the EA servers? Sometimes I wonder if they went to the local high schools special ed class and recruited the devs/corp. officers. Its not like its rocket science. look and see what players want, talk to them, and then release something that delivers most if not all of it. The research alone would take all of 3 hrs maybe.
The last thing that they should realize by now is that servers should not be an afterthought. Develop them concurrently with the game, have them available when the game launches, carry in buckets of money providing you have listened to what the players want.
I'm cautiously anticipating the release of the new game but if EA/DICE has proven one thing its that they can fuck up a wet dream so we will see hahaha.  

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God made bass players so that guitar players could have heros too.
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