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I have decided not to exploit anymore, i know u guys dont care but..it isnt wrong to exploit, i think exploits add a lil excitement to the game. Now when i see someone gettin mass kills i will sneek up behind them and gut them, then maby quarter them or sumthin.Many of the expolits that are in maps should be there intentionally, such as the ridge on Golan. One of the main things soldiers try to do in real life is get above their enemy. It is easier to aim down than it is to aim up because you can see the ground to help balance yourself-this is my opinion.Sorry to anyone I made man while explotin, its all for fun!
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i think exploits should only be used if it's possible of still getting killed! some exploits makes it impossible for opponents tokill the player which makes the exploit almost a cheat ,in my opinion!same with helmet camming! i think i should not be allowed but i guess to many people are not sharing my point!anyway we should all just have fun in playing!!!shine Catdady
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