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Welcome back soldier! The website is under construction so please excuse the mess while we put things in order. Battlefield 2042 is set to launch on 15 October 2021 for Early launch Pre-orders...

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  3. Here's the extended trailer. Just damn.
  4. I'm a huge fan of the original movie and I have to say that I was dubious of this when i first heard about it but damn if this doesn't look amazing. I will say however there is no other Gurney Halleck than Patrick Stewart. Sorry Josh you killed it as Cable and Thanos but uhh you aint Gurney. I'll have to see JM as Duncan Idaho to make a call on that but will say that if Batista is The Beast Rabban then damn fine casting there. Looking at the IMDb site I dont see anyone listed as playing Feyd Rautha... Please tell me they didn't cut the character in this version.
  5. Ok so i guess my first question is WTF does this have to do with Tom Clancey in any shape or form? When I think of TC titles I think of tactics, strategy, stealth, and overall military based shooter. This thing looks like Walt Disney threw up on your screen. Doesn't mean it won't be good but jebus, pick a color palette please.
  6. UBI is coming out with a new game in August in the Tom Clancy Franchise and the game is free here is a video
  7. Sad days indeed. Funny thing is in 5 to 10 years some bright cookie at one of the gaming houses will "come up with" the concept of rentable servers and become the new golden child hahaha. I'll never understand the folks that make the calls at these companies who are supposed to be highly educated. Stick to what works and improve upon that. Everything doesn't require a complete rethinking.
  8. Not sure how I did not know this existed. I'm a HUGE Constantine fan and honestly I wanted a Reves Constantine sequel more than I wanted a lot of the sequels he's done. Matter of fact I watched Constantine again last night for the bazillionth time. I will have to check this out but must admit I haven't really been a fan of the CW series in general as they usually seem kind of meh. Now has anyone got the lowdown on when the next season of The Expanse will start?
  9. John Constantine is leaving Legends of Tomorrow, but his actor will return WWW.MSN.COM Matt Ryan will play a new character not from DC Comics canon
  10. Yea, that is how all the AAA titles are going these days. The days of rentable servers are all but gone for new titles.
  11. So I'm guessing that this is what they are using for servers now. I guess I'll need to see how that handle persistence and such before I make a call on this but if you can create a "server" with similar settings to the BF4 servers then they may be on the way to getting back where they should be. My main worry about this is that the whole title is moving to an "as a service" type deal. This is bad news as it gives them full control as to when the game ends and unlike BF3/4 you wont have the option to keep playing what you like. Ubisoft is doing the same thing with Rocksmith which is horrible. I was in the RS+ beta last week and it was such a step backwards in the name of a step forward. No offline mode so you must have an active internet connection, No way to add custom built songs, and the list goes on. performance of the software is dependent of your connection so if you are getting lag spikes for whatever reason the notes are off. Needless to say Ill be skipping the new version with the attached monthly fee and sticking with the old version as I have the tools to make whatever song i want for that version and it has a offline mode which doesn't attach to UBISofts servers.
  12. While that's pretty eye opening that BF1 was the biggest seller, which IMHO was the weakest BF ever, what I would say is more relevant would be the numbers that are currently still playing. I'm going to go out on a limb here, not really, and say BF3/4 have the honors of the highest retention out of all of them. EA/DICE pretty much shot themselves in the foot when they did away with the old private servers and moved to hosting them and not giving players the features that they wanted. When they did, they did it in a haphazard way that didn't do what users needed or they took so long to implement them that the people wanting them had moved on. The medals/assignments mess in BF1/V is a good example. In BF4 you just naturally acquired the medals and achievements through normal gameplay, in the latter it forced you to focus on specific acts that hampered game play and team play. I'm hoping the new game goes back to the old way of gaining these ribbons/achievements that promoted teamwork and gameplay. Their implementation of HC mode is a prime example. How hard would it have been to log in to a private server, look at all the settings, and then duplicate them in the EA servers? Sometimes I wonder if they went to the local high schools special ed class and recruited the devs/corp. officers. Its not like its rocket science. look and see what players want, talk to them, and then release something that delivers most if not all of it. The research alone would take all of 3 hrs maybe. The last thing that they should realize by now is that servers should not be an afterthought. Develop them concurrently with the game, have them available when the game launches, carry in buckets of money providing you have listened to what the players want. I'm cautiously anticipating the release of the new game but if EA/DICE has proven one thing its that they can fuck up a wet dream so we will see hahaha.
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  14. Some interesting figures of the Battlefield franchise over the years since Battlefield 1942. Battlefield | Video Game Sales Wiki | Fandom VGSALES.FANDOM.COM Battlefield is a first-person shooter by EA. Over 9 million users playing the Beta in September before the release. On the release date of Battlefield 3 in the USA, EA announced that pre-orders nearly hit 3 million which makes it the biggest launch in the history of EA. 5 Over 5 million copies of the game were sold in the first week which makes it "the...
  15. Uhhg. That said Disney+ is the one streaming service that has been worth the money as it came bundled with Hulu and ESPN and has absolutely no commercials. I dont mind paying for a service but when you double dip and still sell advertising thinking the public is too stupid to know you are getting paid twice for one service that's where I have to draw the line. I've been digging the series Marvel has been putting out, well except for Wanda Vision cause the concept sucks, and the Nat Geo channel is pretty on spot as well. FYI Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks is a pretty good show and I'm caught up to this season. I'm like 2 hrs away so it's neat to see local guys catch 9 foot tunas. I've thought about grabbing the AMC sub as well as it has Shudder bundled in it and I'm a huge horror fan. I was hoping that CBS etc would clue in to the fact that if they charge for a service and nix the commercials but to charge the same as services with multiple options built in if you want no commercials, and yes CBS/Paramount "brief promotional interruptions" are commercials. Yes, I'm old and cranky. Now get the hell off my grass you damned younguns!
  16. Disney Plus: Everything coming in August 2021 WWW.MSN.COM What's coming out this month on Disney Plus?
  17. EDSM listing of The Armory Coalition (TACL)
  18. EDDB listing of The Armory Coalition (TACL)
  19. INARA listing of the Armory Coalition (TACL).
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