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IF the pop-ups say somewhere on them somthing about MESSENGER.


It isn't MSN messenger. These pop-ups are generated by a program called Gator. The reason you have this program on your computer is because you downloaded another program that was free to have.


The program I know of is the DivX player.


Since these are free they have to send you annoying messages.


To get rid of the messages you have to get rid of the programs you have downloaded and installed lately. If you explore your Start, Programs folder you might find somthing called Gator. It will tell you that to get rid of it you have to unistall the program (like DivX player).


Other wise you can try setting you Internet Securty setting to high. It should be under the Securty tab then in Custom... Set the setting (default: Medium) to High.


I had this problem and uninstalled DivX player. My friend did the internet securty thing. If you have problems with the internet securty ask [DoL]-sam.gen .


Hope this help. :D

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if u want a good program anti pop up i have one it's called "nopops" (i know it's a stupid name but it's not a joke) this program run at start windows and go on the task bare and if u want to turn off it u have just to clic one time on it an reclic one time for turn it on. So if u want it add me to your messenger and i'll send it to you. My adress is angel_the_vampire2002@hotmail.com
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-Killer From Away]no i am the expert


to stop spy ware get a proggy called ad-aware 6.0 (id link it but its easy to find do a google search)

and to stop internet pop ups go to google.com and dl their toolbar it works very good


ad aware gets ride of the gator pop ups *

yeah it's true Ad-aware it's a very good program i used it to for remove spyware program.

Just one thing.. if u used the full version of Kazaa, don't remove the cd_clint.dll because if u do that u will be able to reinstal kazaa or replace the dll in your system32 folder

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how am i suppose to ask kami? and i dont think it has something to do with XP cuz i had XP for 1 year and never had this much pop ups.it all started either last week or 2 weeks ago when i was d/lin STEAM. is their any FREE programs that stops pop ups

Some people have no faith Kami.......


Excuse me. "XP God"

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yea, what does the XP God who holds a college degree and numerous certifications know, nothinthen again, omg, his problem was related XPI was being nice and not point out all the spelling, grammar, and punctuation errorsthe Overclocker God loves me, that's all I need
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